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Discussion in 'Oil' started by glazier, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Its time for my 5K service and I thought I'd do it myself this time and save some $$$$$. Was going to change the fluids in all 3 holes so I bought Mobil1 V-Twin 20W-50 full syn for the motor, Redline Shockproof Heavy for the tranny, and HD Formula+ for the primary. New O-rings, gasket for the derby cover, and new oil filter. Reading my owners manual and my brand new service manual ($60), the scheduled intervals for the motor oil is every 5K. But the tranny says every 20K and the primary 10K. Should I save the new fluids, (other than the motor oil) and wait until then, or just go ahead and change them all now??? I know it can't hurt anything to change it all now, but am I just spending time and money on doing it when I don't need to??? Wondering if the dealer would change all fluids if I had them do the 5K service. I would hope so for $350. Also the dealer said the primary takes 1 qt. but the service manual says 38 ounces wet, 45 oz. dry. Should I just put in 1 qt. or buy another bottle and put in the full 38 ounces??? Thanks.
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    You will find the money saved doing service your self it is advisable to change all 3 oils. You will noticed much smoother operation of bike. Do not forget to lube steering stem bearings while you are at it....... Be sure to use 38oz which is the proper refill amount.
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    It certainly wouldn't hurt changing all three fluids, I would suggest doing it. While it may not be necessary, I felt better about draining all the fluids to get any metal particles out of the cases. During your first 5000 miles all the metal to metal wear parts may have polished themselves up and left little, tiny shavings in the current fluids. I felt better removing all the used oils and hopefully, most of those shavings.

    An added bonus is that you can inspect the magnetic drain plugs to see how much of those shavings they have collected. Some is to be expected, a lot could be a signal that something needs to be addressed. I wish I had taken pictures so I could keep better records. It's also a good time to try different oils in each case. I like all your choices, I like Spectro for the transmission better...so far.

    If you are going to replace all the fluids many here on the forum will suggest a good warm up ride to get those shavings suspended in the fluids. If they are mixed in with the oils they are more likely to be drained when you pull the drain plugs.

    One more suggestion, if you don't mind. If you haven't already created a profile at Harley-Davidson.com, You might consider doing so. In addition to all the other stuff you can do there, you can print out Maintenance Schedules. I like to run off a copy and use it as a check list marking off things I've done as I do them. I'll also make notes on that printout and store the sheets in my records with receipts for service items that I purchased.

    Please, let us know how it goes.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'll probably go ahead and change all 3 fluids since I already bought them. After this I might go with the recommended intervals. I used to use Specto in the tranny in my Softail and liked it, but can't find it around here anymore, so I started using Redline. Bubbie swears by it and he seems to know what he is talking about. I'll continue to use only these fluids for the life of the bike. I don't see any reason to change, or to mix whatever doesn't completely drain out with a different oil in case they might not mix well. Hey, if it works, don't mess with it. My dad told me that when I was a kid and took apart his lawnmower to see how it worked and never did get it running again. Oooops :s
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    I listened what Bubbie's suggest for my RKC bike. I love Redline!!! Million thanks to Bubbie!!! :bigsmiley8:
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    I have a lot of respect for Bubbie's opinions too, that's why I tried Redline first and I liked it more than the factory stuff. When I tried Spectrol, I liked it better.

    Certainly no harm in using what you like. I wonder, does the size/weight of our bikes determine what fluids we prefer?

  7. Bodeen

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    I change the motor oil and primary every time. I change the trans every other or so. The trans. is (should be) a clean environment. Your ride you decide. I like your choices of lubricants.:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    :newsmile011:I would Change all 3 also.

    I like that you are using a Good Gear Oil, Redline ShockProof is my favorite.:52:

    I DO think that HD should have stated the 20,000 miles on the tranny's long ago. BUT that means Lost $$ for the HDshops.

    The HD formula+ is a good quality BUT I prefer Redline MTL in the primary.
    (yellow Label with big MTL on it)(same as primary lube by Redliine)

    Mostly, you have made Great choices and now I'd stick with.

    No problem of a drain and refill. With most any oils of today, this will not cause a problem.

    Dilution of Constant changing oils from one to another might effect the quality of a given product, like in an engine where More of the old oil hangs out after drained.

    I have a Jagg oil cooler that holds Old Oil along with the sump and cam/oil pump area but I change more often than recommended 6000 miles to make up for it.

    Depending on conditions and lengths of rides.

    I change engine oil and filter no more than 4000 miles (unless on a long trip)
    (using 20/50 Redline HD oil filter)

    Primary chain case EVERY motor oil change... (MTL)

    My New 09 bike:
    Tranny at 500, first change (no metal on magnet) then 20,000 second. Never Ever Any Metal on MY mag. tranny plug.
    I'll go 20,000 from there on.:D

    Just My Way

    Glad you made good choices.


    PS :bigsmiley8:
    As Speed and other mods would say "Thanks for the Kind Words."

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    i probably change my oil to much,engine every 2k primary 4k tranny 10k
    but keep in mind a lot of my riding is in town stop and go traffic in 105dg temps in sunny South Carolina.i use mobil1 in the engine 20w50 vtwin lucas synthetic 75w90 in the tranny
    .....i know i'm going to catch some grief for this....mobil1 10w40 motorcycle oil in the primary.i feel the detergents in the mobil1 keep my primary cleaner than formula+