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    I don't wanna open a pail of worms...lol but have 99 ht that I converted to a trike 3 yrs. ago, it was short of power so I went 4 teeth smaller on compensator sprocket, it brought the trike to life! Now the problem is, at 65 mph I m turning 3200 rpms which I used to turn at close to 75, so my speed is pretty much limited to 65, What I would like to do is convert to a 6 speed, I know Baker is the best but would like to know if I would have good results like with a Rivera 6 speed & how difficult to install. Thanks

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    Years ago, I put in a 6 speed gear set in my 00 FXDS TC... Rev-Tech 6 speed gearing... FIT right into my HD 5 speed box...JP Cycle also had a full 6 speed tranny replacement from Rev-Tech...

    I bought the full conversion gear set with the trap door...

    Many saying in those days,,,,,it was not a good unit... I MUST Have gotten a Good one:D, as I put on more than 60,000 trouble free miles on that conversion. Redline ShockProof Heavy was the choice for lube then and Required in the early Baker conversions HD did for warranty of 50,0000 miles on them.

    There was Choice of the final ratio for 6th gear on my purchase...

    Might check to see... Conversion gear sets sold for 950 to 1350 back then.
    Mine was the better full unit and it was 1350. (memory?)


    Got on the phone with JP...
    Their on-line is difficult....

    CS helped out.

    Here is some information...

    RevTech 6-Speed Overdrive Transmission | 620-241 | JP Cycles

    see if this will help you out... MUCH Less in Dollars for a complete 6 speed tranny or a gear set.


    Click on fitment then on the HD+ and it will list the bikes it fits.

    Rivera Primo Powerdrive 6 Speed Gear Set | 630-988 | JP Cycles

    Also this gear set :::: click on the fitment then on the + harley and it will show all the HD's it fits...

    Your Welcome


    IT does fit....Touring Electra Glide Standard FLHT : 1995–2006
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    When I wanted to up-grade to a six speed on my '03 UC, I did a lot of research and finally ended up replacing the whole tranny with a SE six (same box as the 5-spd). I had problems with this that are chronicled here in these pages.

    So the bottom line is "what type of riding do you do?". If you are just riding around town on short hops, I would go with a fairly inexpensive 6-spd. More of a cost-savings can be achieved if you get the Builders' Kit and do it yourself.

    If you take longer cruises on your trike, then I would invest in a high quality up-grade like the Baker DD6. This is fairly expensive, but high quality. Again, you will recognize some cost savings with the Baker DD6 Builders' Kit.

    When I do my '91 Dyna rebuild, I intend to up-grade the tranny to a 6-spd overdrive. Something inexpensive in a Builders' Kit since the Dyna is just a runaround. No cruising on it.

    Let us know what you decide, and please take pix if you choose to do the job yourself.


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    Rev Tech is cheap IMO, mostly off shore parts, I know it is made to a certain tolerance but I have had BAD problems with Rev Tech in the past JMO You do get what you pay for
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    Thanks Bubbie, that's what I kind of wanted to know, that revtech complete tranny is a good deal, but I want to go with just a gear set as changing the tranny is big job on my trike cuz swing arm is attached to tranny. But glad you told me you didn't have trouble with the revtech, I am 72 so I m not going to beat on this tranny, just want the higher gear when I need it!


    Thanks for the reply TQuentin, I don't know how long of trips I'll be taking, I will only be using 6th when I go over 60 which isn't that often, but sometimes you just got to use the interstate, & it would be nice to drive 70 without winding the engine too high. I will go with the gear set if I do this & I will take picks. Oh one more thing I have to find out if my reverse gear will work with this change!


    I have heard some of the same on Revtech, but I think I would go with the Rivera Primo, they claim all parts made in USA! Would like to know if anyone has made a gear set swap, & if so, what kind of problems I should watch for.
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    Well guys I can't make the swap to 6 speed, I have Reverse Gear from Champion Trikes, & they say it won't work with 6 speed! I so wanted 6 then I would have had the best of both worlds!
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    I read in a American "Bagger" magazine 2 issues ago, that Harley has a conversion kit to upgrade a 5 speed using same gear box to a 6 speed. Wonder if that might work or is it not possible do to reverse??