2011 Iron Stage 1 Download?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by iron_ty, Jul 23, 2011.

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    New to the site, & new to Harleys... bought a 2011 883 Iron (my 1st Harley) on the 2nd of july. So far I love it! But I have questions. I ordered V&H black shortshots from Dennis Kirk for it, also bought the screamin eagle stage 1 air cleaner kit from the dealer I bought the bike from. I checked on the price to have dealer install them they want $510 bucks?? they claim 4.5hrs labor &$150 for stage one download? That wont fly, no doubt I can install the pipes myself, but do I need the download? will it hurt the bike to run the pipes & breather without it? like a lean fuel mixture situation? Any help or experience appreciated.........
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    I had Stage One done on my 2010 1200 custom about 3 months ago. Vance and Hines shortshots, Arlen Ness Big Sucker intake and SE race tuner. The total labor was 2.2 HRS. Also I had the quiet baffles installed. So yeah I'd say the labor time is a little off??? With the shortshots being very free flowing pipes you'll need to do something with the fuel or your bike won't run right. As far as damaging the motor I'm not qualified to answer that one. Enjoy your new ride!!
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    Comes from factory lean. Download will still keep it lean (EPA). I'd recommend a doebeck TFI. Forum and service members get a discount. Search it on forum. Tons of info on them. Will allow you to dial the bike in and great customer support. If you need help with A/C or pipes, just ask. Welcome to forum.
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    4.5 hours to replace an exhaust system the air cleaner and do a download i would expect a good mechanic in a proper workshop with all the tools and experience to spend about 3 hours of the time drinking tea
    It should be ok to fit the exhaust system without adding fuel but you will need to add fuel when the air cleaner kit is fitted
    probably the best way to add fuel is to use a tfi or gen 3 from dobeck as a member of this forum you will qualify for a member discount
    search this site for info on the tfi and gen 3 and you will find many satisfied users or you can ask questions in this link
    TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community

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    Price of download pretty much covers tuner so...my recommendation is to call Dobeck today & order. Everything else is pretty much following directions, but might want to invest in Service Manual so you have all the torque specs. This will be a fun project - did mine during winter of 2009-2010.
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    I know I could not afford a bike at those prices. Before the internet, those guys had a license to steal racket going.
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    I appreciate the replies, I'll be checking into this tuner... kinda ticked me off when their service dept. gave me that outrageous quote less than a month after buying the thing from them... I thought to myself oh my god what have I gotten myself into? Now I'm wondering what they will attempt to charge me for the 1,000 mile service? Bike has 500 miles on it now...
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    Buy a $60.00 manual and about $65.00 in parts and do the service yourself and save probably $200.00 for future exhaust purchase.....