2011 Heritage Softail Classic Price Question

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DarinDan, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. DarinDan

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    Went to the dealership today and got caught. Found a 2011 HS Classic. Ran the numbers and with ABS and security along with my trade in it would be 10,100 out the door. Seems I am getting under MSRP but I know numbers look different across the nation. What do you think--decent price or not? Took it for a test ride and wow I was amazed how wonderful and smooth this bike rode. I can not believe how balanced and easy it was to ride. My wife is riding more with me and I am thinking about moving up to provide more comfort. Need to make the deal by Monday most likely because the HS go fast when the hit the dealership around here. Just don't know if I like the white pin stripe with the black color.
  2. candave650

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    If you want 2 up comfort and smoothness for about the same price have you tried a Road King or RKC?

    Just asking

  3. DarinDan

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    I have looked at the RK and I like the way it looks. But being only 5'5" I would have to find a way to lower the front and back end just so I could be flat footed. I do like the vintage look of the Heritage Softail. Did not test ride the Road King but I was comfortable on the Heritage. I have a buddy who owns a 2010 RK and he had to make some adjustments to ensure he felt comfortable with the height. I have sat on his with the reach seat but still would need to make some adjustments. I like them both but have always liked the Heritage. Just trying to ensure I get a half way decent price before pulling the trigger and making a purchase. I am off tomorrow so the wife and I are going for a test ride and then we will make our final decision. Wife is supportive so I guess I need to write the big check so my payment is not too much high. Just want to make sure my emotions are in check because I am excited about the possibility of getting a new ride.
  4. dbmg

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    The important thing is does the deal feel right to you. If the direction is for more comfort for you and your wife while riding that would be a big plus in the decision process. Nothing more important than a happy wife........
  5. Jack Klarich

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    # 1 on that:D
  6. sprinklerfitter669

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    Happy wife Happy life :D
  7. DarinDan

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    Thanks for the responses guys. What is a good price? 16,999 for the bike with ABS and security 1,199. With a trade in (paying off my loan) and out the door all taxes, title and license final price would be 10,100. I know in the past MSRP or over was the standard in a lot of areas but now in hard times have things changed? Came from NM and they would charge an additional 1200 on top for dealer prep. Needless to say that is why I am still looking.
  8. R. Lewis

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    The scoot came from another dealer in NM and your dealer wants $1200 for prep??????????????????? Is the bike still in the crate since it's a 2011???
  9. DarinDan

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    I was looking at the same bike in NM before I moved last month and they wanted 1200 additional for dealer prep compared to here.
  10. Joyflyin

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    I've heard that before!:lolrolling