2011 FLHRC rpms

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    I am picking up my brand new FLHRC in the next day or so. It will have the 70900072 speedo/tach on it.

    My Ford F350 has a manual tranny and I use the tach to make sure I do not over rev it. Similarly, my mustang cobra. Of course they come with a vehicle specific tach.

    What I am wondering is, since this is an optional piece of equipment, is the redline vehicle specific? The tach shows a "You don't need to be here" line starting about 5500 or 5600 rpms and a "This is where you blow it up" line at about 7800 rpms.

    The torque seems to be rated at 3500 rpms. And I have never been able to find BHP ratings for a HD bike much less BHP @ ???? rpms information. Usually the redline is somewhere higher than the BHP @ ???? rpms.

    So, my long winded question in, what is the redline for my 2011 FLHRC w/ the 103 ci engine

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF you have the flash from HD for the stage one???

    It should be RAISED from the 5600 to 6200 RPM..(i think numbers right?)(close anyways)

    These Longer stroked motors(4.375) DON'T need to be run at EVEN the Lower number , It is crazy in my book to run MY 09 FLHR above 5000 rpm at any time.. I'm set up with stock 96", Full stage one/with TFI.... then i put in SE 255 cams..

    Simple for you to find out,,,, Totally warmed and in a speed zone you won't get a ticket , Run it to the REV-Limiter set in your bike..... IT knows when to cut out the flow of gas/spark and won't go Above that set limit..... LOOK at your new Tach and presto, you will know..

    Your RPM is set in your bike and either it is about 5600 OR 6200 rpm.. I have hit the rev-limiter (no tach) in my bike on few Fast take-offs but I try to run it like the little sweet-heart it is.. I've Built motors to run Fast and High rpm BUT not doing it on my New 09 FLHR.....

    HP is something HD doesn't post... Usually 5250 rpm is where torque and horse power cross...

    hope this helped.

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    This is great info.!!!! Thanks!

    I forgot about the rev limiter. Since it is stock the limiter is not turned off (I do not turn it off anyway- too much risk of damaging the engine.) I can use it to determine the max rpms.

    I doubt that I will ever get that high, either. But it is information I like to know.

    Thanks again.
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    The rev limiter is programmed into the ECM and can't be turned off without the addition of a tuner.