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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by R_W_B, Nov 1, 2010.

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    In the HD 2007 Dyna Repair Manual it first states how to check oil when it cold, ok so far, it matches owner's manual there. But then on page 1-10 it follows up with a hot check of oil. The last part of step 4 (hot check) appears to match the cold check add procedure (unlike the owner's manual which appears correct). Anyone else notice this ambiguity ?
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    The Bible does not always get all things right, There have been several mistakes over the years, The end play on shovel camshafts is one of them:s

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    Generally, initial oil level checking is done cold...always, but hot is something that is done AFTER to ensure that oil level is correct BEFORE adding more oil to prevent OVERFILLING. Honestly, oil level is not THAT critical to require Hot oil level check for more accuracy, taking account oil expansion...

    Most guys watch their oil level fairly carefully, just before a long ride, by checking cold, after briefly running the bike for a minute to be sure WET SUMPING (where CAN oil drain out of the oil tank into the normally DRY sump)...if one way check valve leaks oil overnight giving false reading.
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    I have noticed on my 07 Dyna that checking oil is a pain because it is very hard to be consistant. I check it before a ride just to make sure its on the stick. Then after it is warmed up you MUST let it idle 1-2 minutes to get an accurate reading. (as per owners manual)
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    Yea and like you said only it also says to let it idle the 1-2mins "on the jiffy stand" before turning off.
    My hot checks are consistent but cold checks are not. If I don't see oil on the floor of the garage I don't bother with cold checks much anymore, just go straight to hot check before a ride (watch the oil light). Even with V&H big shots very close to knob I can still pop the tight with a rag and then with my bare fingers unscrew the rest and get it out without burning myself. I find if I lift it straight up and the put my free hand under it I won't drip oil on the pipe.