2006 street bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ramprat, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. Took it out for the first time after the upgrades and am very satisfied with the Slammer bars. Never really had a reach problem with the stock mini-apes but with the Slammers they bring the controls a bit closer with a nice drag bar feel to them. I'm 5'8" with forward controls and it all works fine.

    Also like the 1 1/4" over the stock 1", gives the bike a heftyer look. Also like the Progressive 812's, with one small complaint. They come with chrome buttons to hide the bolts and found out the hard way that the washer has to be centered for the buttons to seat tightly. The small tabs which are supposed to snap into the I.D. of the bolt access hole are pretty fragile and have to be bent here and there to seat right. Progressive sells replacements for $8.50 a pop! A buddy suggested squirting a little epoxy cement or liquid weld aroung the tabs but that presents a problem if you have to remove the chocks. What I did was fill the bolt hole with clear silicone caulk which when cured grabs the tabs and keeps the buttons snug. If you have to remove the shock this stuff comes right out, no fuss, no mess.
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    Bike looks great. On the shocks you can do what I did. Instead of using the button caps I went and got some chrome grade 8 bolts and used a chrome wheel spacer between the shock and rear strut. Turned out nice, I think. My question for you is being 5'8 with Forward Controls do you have any issue with your knee, the inside part hitting your air filter? Below is a picture of my bike with my shocks.