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    ok, i'm sure this has been asked 1000's times before i came here, however, i just came here and don't know the answer.

    i'm trying to find a down loadable manual for my 06 soft tail. I'm not a cheap (EDITED) and i have no problem paying for it. the reason i want a down loadable is cause i'm in Iraq and getting a manual mailed here and receiving it in one piece my be out of the question. I seen that they have one here to download but i have to make another 149 post to be able to do it. so if anyone can tell me where to get a down loadable it would save me alot of useless posting. i plan on checking out the site more but internet here is unreliable so getting 150 post in before i get home is hard to do. i'm wanting to do some upgrades to my standard and the manual will be a must have.

    Language is not permitted on this forum, and senseless posts to reach 150 will be removed in any event.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community

    Thankx in advance.
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