2006 FLHTPI , Buy or NO Buy ?

Discussion in 'Police Bikes' started by rockymeister, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. rockymeister

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    Hi Ya'll,

    I bid on an auction for a Police Bike 2006 Harley FLHTPI for $7000 . The bike has 70,000 miles... Yes 70000 and says that it was well maintained and used up until few weeks ago.
    I have not paid for it yet and was thinking if I should go ahead with the payment. Do you feel the price of $7000 for a 2006 Harley FLHTPI is more ?
    First time Harley rider, need your help. . PIcs attached.

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  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The forum, That is a lot of miles if the cam tensioners have not been changed, I would like to see the records
  3. rockymeister

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    Thanks for the welcome and reply Jack. I am unsure of the cam tensioners being changed. I was able to trace back records until the bike hit 35K miles and did not appear that the cam tensioners were changed.
    However, The gentleman incharge fo the bikes told me that the bikes were assigned to indivijual officers who took care of it and was regularly serviced by a HD dealership as per instructions.

    I am assuming if changing the cam tensioners is a standard procedure when bike hits a certain mileage, it might have been performed. Unsure though :(
  4. lorne

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    changing the tensioners is not a standard procedure. mine needed changing at 18,000 and a friend has 35,000 with no problems. if they need to be changed they are not cheap...welcome to the forum....i think i replied to this on another thread as well

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF no problems with it, I would think it make a great rider. IF MINE to buy, maybe a tear-down to look at the shoes AND bore scope the cylinders for damage IF the shoes went TERRIBLY wrong at a Near time before.

    The price to me is good...

    The Gear 509 cams would make it a delight to ride...:newsmile01:

    Just My Way