2005-up speedo retrofit

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    Hi all
    Got (one of) my winter project laid out:
    To install a 2005-up speedo on my '91 tourer.
    History: AFAIK, the electronic speedo came about with the FLHR in '94. This means that my ol' sled has a front wheel mechanical pick-up, which I want to get rid of. One of the reasons is that I want to install my new, 3/8" spoke tubeless front wheel for 2000-up application with sealed bearings that do not accommodate speedo drive. I also want to get rid of the speedo cable - it is getting chaffed and frayed and I don't want it there...
    So, to do this, two main things needs sorting:
    1. Machine my trans to fit the electronic pick-up sensor.
    2. Wire in the speedo into my old system
    I see the machining as a slightly tense, but relatively straight-forward task, as long as I pay attention to the location, and remove all cuttings carefully.
    The wiring should be doable as well - I re-made most of the wiring when converting my FLTC to FLHR. What I am missing is the input side for the speedo - basically colour & input function/location for the 74196-04 sealed socket that fits in the speedo terminal.
    I will not need to connect all, as I do not have the fancy fault-codes etc. (good ol' carb on mine).

    If anyone could help me with the speedo/dash area part of a wiring diagram for a 2005-up Tourer or Softail, it would be of great help.

    Now I am aware that this great forum has a download section, however it requires 150 posts to allow access. Not sure if this applies should I become a PM? Anyway, this is my 12th post or so, and I would have to bore you with a lot of empty talk to fill up my quota.
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    Ok, so I did not do my homework prior to starting the thread;)
    I found some very useful info posted by Glider - thanks bro.
    The only thing is that I see the 2007 tourer has 5V power to various sensors, including VSS. The older ones get feed from standard 12V.

    Now this speedo of mine is a 2005 - up, but should work on older models as well. I think I will try the 2003/2004 wiring first - this should be an interesting project...

    Reminds me of my old '88 XL, while converting it to a 1200+ I also replaced the ignition with a unit for a newer bike. I found that it required some voltage input from a bank angle sensor, which my bike obviously did not have. I just wired in a 1.5V AA battery to fool it, making it the worlds only (?) AA powered Harley! That was a rough but good bike, lifting the front wheel in 2nd gear on hard accelleration.