2004 Deuce 5 speed problem

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    Hello everyone, Im new to site. My brothers call me Fonzie, dont know why i cant seem to turn the (EDIT) jubox on with a bump of my fist. I from Texas bout 45 mins south of Houston. I ride a 2004 Deuce and building a 78 ironhead. So again hello!!! I was wondering if someone could help me out. My tranny seems to have a problem. I put it in gear and it seems as i give it throttle it slips into gear, like it hits late. Like its not fully in when i put it in. Also my second gear if im in a higher rmp range it is hard to put in gear. Now i did over tighten my belt and rode it for awhile before someone telling me i could damage bearing. Could that be the same problem or 2 problems? Thank you

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    A couple of things to check is first the shifter shaft that the foot peg is attached to for lubrication. Over the years the lube washes out and the pedal becomes stiff for shifting and can cause a problem. You have to remove the bolt holding the arm on and slide the shaft out to clean and grease it. Mark the height of the pedal so you can return it to the same height.I drilled and tapped the bracket and installed a zerk fitting to grease the shaft in the future which got done at services with the oil change. This link will give you an idea of what I'm talking about even thou it is a different model in the pic.

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    Secondly would be the lube in the primary being the correct viscosity and not too thick. Third is that the primary isn't overfilled.Only up to the bottom of the clutch basket with the bike straight up and level.