2002 Softail Standard sotck setup needle bearing went..

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kpinfl, Oct 9, 2009.

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    The rest is unfortunate,

    I was off riding my bike weather was incredible. I THOUGHT I heard occasional "rocks in engine" did not get worse with throttle. Called dealer, said bring it in. On way bike held back all of a sudden like a horse spooked. Pulled over heard ticking, hoping for low oil. Cam home pulled cam plate oil pump is gouged, 6 needle bearings came out of oil pump. Rear left cam needle bearing is stripped, no bearings left in assembly, end of cam ground and budget is VERY tight at this time.

    So IF anyone sees Santa, here is my list... Hopefully he knows someone who did a Stage 2 upgrade and has most of this sitting around.

    I need:

    4 push rods
    1 oil pump
    2 cam tensioners
    2 cams
    2 cam needle bearings
    2 cam plate bearings
    1 gasket kit and a bunch of luck that the heads, cylinders, ...crank, pistons and flywheel are undamaged

    Thanks Kevin
  2. brt650

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    Hello kpinfl,
    I hope all goes well and it doesn't cost too much to repair.
    Please let us know how it turns out?
  3. kpinfl

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    I have purchased ALL parts, now to rebuild the beast.

    Removed what saw an outer sleeve of that one bearing with a die cutter. Stuffed oil soaked towel in hole to flywheel so no metal shavings went in there.
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    Kpinfl man o man seeing as you had to get all those parts you should have converted to the gear driven cam set up. You've got an '02 so you have the forged crank so it should be no problem. I too have an '02 Standard, mines got about 33,000 miles on it and if I can swing it I'll be doing that same set up and a possible bump up to 95". Please take lots of pics and keep us posted, oh by the way good luck brother!!
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    Re: 2002 Softail Standard stock setup needle bearing went..

    You MUST figure out how to completely flush out all the metal bits from anywhere the oil system may have taken them. Oil tank, lines, oil filter housing, heads, cam chest, support plate oil ways, and (God forbid) inside the case. The safest thing to do is obviously a complete disassembly and cleaning of the whole engine and external oil system. But that is A LOT of work. Some VERY patient and thorough work with a stick magnet and flexible shaft magnet MIGHT do it. Slosh solvent around between sessions to get ALL the bits out.

    What ever you do, err on the side of OVERKILL in terms of cleaning!

    Best of luck!!

  6. kemo

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    If possible do a count on the needles, and like TQ says you got to do a real good flush job and clean that oil tank. Good luck and take your time