2001 deuce cam chain tensioner????

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by caseydeuce, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I have just returned from a 2000 mile trip from michgan. It was an interesting one. As far as the motor goes, she couldn't be running better. But unfortunatly i had a couple minor problems. Gas tank raddled the aft bracket loose and it began to leak (little bit of JB weld did the trick, also raddled and aftermarket mirror off. It seems to vibrate more than it used to. (I have checked all of the engine mounts and they are all tight.) Any suggestions??

    Also, on the trip i turned 40,000 miles and am beginning to worry about the cam tensioner breaking. From what i have heard they have a tendency to go around 50,000 miles. My next oil change i am going to cut the oil filter open and see if i can see any orange particles in it. Any suggestions on the best way to cut it open. (I was thinking a band saw at work)

    But my question for writting this, is to ask all you hard core biker dudes out there that ride a 1450cc engine (or know something about them) What is the best fix for the cam tensioner. I have heard that gear driven might be the way to go. Price wise $1300 range?? Kinda high, but is that my best bet? I am personally not familiar with the job what so ever. Can anybody enlighten me on the subject? Thanks Casey
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    I use a chain style muffler cutting tool. It leaves no filings so if you see any metel you know that you have problems. I suppose if you are just looking for orange from the tensioners a bad saw is ok.
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    I did a roller chain conversion on my '99 Ultra at 70,000. Upon inspection, the primary tensioner was toast and the secondary wasn't far behind it. Oil pressure was nil.

    I did the wrenching myself and upgraded the cams to Andrews 26N's and also changed out the inner cam bearings from the INA units to the Torrington bearings. I also added some additional performance items, but the cost for parts and fixtures was about $750. I sold the tools on Ebay and recovered about 75% of their $200 cost.

    There are a lot of "how to" articles written by forum members (TQ did a great write up which included great pictures). I have heard from one member that a local dealership did his conversion for about $800. If you don't wrench, you might want to start calling around to see if anyone can cut you a deal.

    Don't wait on this. Instead of pulling the olil filter apart, I'd yank the cam cover and actually look at the tensioners. Like I said, mine were shot, but I had no "flecks" in the oil or filter.

    Good luck