2000 Roadking headlight fuse blows

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by billjumps, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. billjumps

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    :bigsmiley25:The GPS is also hooked up to the electric feed, but all of a sudden, I blow a fuse, just the headlight and tail light... everything else electric works, including the GPS.

    Replace 15 amp, goes again, can't be sure how long, but not immediately. I am about 2/3 through a road trip if three weeks, have to get in by dark every day and can't go out again. BUMMER! Anybody with any ideas, I'll listen and try... Thank you
  2. dbmg

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    Have you replaced fuse after disconnecting GPS and see what happens????
  3. nahanhoku

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    - As your GPS is continuing to work, it likely is not on the lighting circuit.

    - Check for shorts:
    - Check the pigtail for the headlight. The connector may be shorting inside. Pull the headlight bulb to look for obvious signs. If none, see if it shorts without the bulb installed. My headlight connector shorted and melted the plastic around the shorted connectors.
    - If no joy, try the same with tail light
    - Check associated wiring as far back as you can from each light for obvious signs of a short (frayed/exposed wires, pinched wires).
    - Check for pinched or shorted wires on the left handlebar control switch.

    Good luck
  4. Jennmarr

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    Don't know what GPS you are using, but if it is one of the 66x RoadTech models, it has an internal battery that will keep it running for a while even after the external power supply is removed.