1st oil change and check up

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    Just wondering if anyone can help. I have to take my bike in for the 1st checkup. Is this something I can do myself or should I take it in to the dealer and have them charge me $300. Are Oil changes fairly easy on a 2009 nightster?

    Thanks in advance

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    Doing it yourself is very satisfying, knowing it was done right and up to your standards. Look in the maintenance section and follow the basic "rules", and determine your personal game plan...

    Here is the rough outline of a game plan:

    1) Study and know your procedure carefully, as stated earlier, HD Service Manual is a must (it will be the best money spent).
    2) Preparation is key: have the all the right tools ready (torx & hex bits set, socket wrench set, oil filter end cap wrench (check fit), etc.) and gather all the consumables you will need, (i.e. drain pan, latex gloves, extra paper towels, cut liter bottle to catch oil filter drainage etc.). Large disposible tarp or flatened cardboard box to do the deed on...etc.
    3) Parts you will need (but not limited to), Oil Filter, Drain plug (O-ring or gasket), 3 Qts or so of 100% Synthetic V-Twin 4 Stroke Engine Motor Oil (many use Mobil I, Amsoil and others) and a good Gear Oil for your Primary case which hosts the Transmission/Clutch/Chain 85W.
    4) Select a time and place convenient as it generally takes a couple hours to do.
    5) "Level the bike", figure out method to make the job easier, from simple (put on jiffystand and stack 2x4's) to "strapping to the side of a wall or fence, to the ultimate, a good motorcycle jack.
    6) Do a "dry run" to make sure you have all the stuff you will need, all things fit, and you should be as the saying goes "--Ready to Rumble."