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    I was wondering if someone could give some advise please I am in the process of buying my first Harley. The said Harley is a year 2000 Fatboy FLSTF, red and black, it has done 20000 miles an import from the USA a few months ago (all duties have been paid on the bike). 1450cc, Vance and Hines fitted, leather bags and sissy bar fitted.
    Has a years mot and 6 months tax, is in immaculate condition.
    What would be a fair price to pay for the bike please as I have never bought one before.
    Cheers Tone
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    Re: !st Harley

    would that be in dollars as i am in england the bike is on sale for £9000
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    At the asking price of 9000 pounds = $14310, it sounds high based on Rubyred's estimate of 9 to 10K from Kelly's Blue Book ; if in excellent condition.
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    As this bike is being sold in England and came from the US the seller has paid shipping and import duties. I'm sure that it has to be inspected for emission and safety standards. I'm also sure that I read the the price of new Harleys in Europe is higher than in the U.S. Is there a Kelly Blue Book for England? Over here we have Motorcycle Trader Magazines and other publications that give us some idea what bikes are selling for in our area. The bottom line is 1.Have the bike checked by a dealer or mechanic you trust. 2.Determine how much your willing to spend.3.Negotiate the best deal for you. Good Luck and Ride Safe
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    I just did a quick search on autotrader and the cheapest proper softail model i can find is £7,500 then the prices go up from there however if you do a search on autotrader some people will advertise an HD bike with rear suspension as a softail so the softail xlh is really a sportster and has been mis advertised
    so have a look there also look at the classified ads in ebay and you will see what is being asked for a bike
    the problem with buying an import is that it may not conform to all UK regulations
    Harley Davidson produce hdi models as international models that are suitable for UK regulations although my sportster was a private import i have done a few minor modifications to make it sort of UK legal
    do a wee bit of investigation before you spend a big bucket of pennies on something you are not 100% sure of
    Having said that if i saw a bike i liked i would just buy it and sort any issues out later
    try and not pay the advertised price just haggle a bit unless you are buying from me as i would tell you you had a wasted journey


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    Spoken like a true Scot!