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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DarinDan, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. DarinDan

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    I called the dealership today and the dealer stated if I accomplish my 1K service myself it will not affect my warranty unless I do something to the bike that causes a malfunction. I looked up on the forum for the 1K service checklist and I am thinking about performing the maintenance myself. Couple of checklist items concern such as cable lubrication, chain tension, belt adjustment and tightening the wheel spokes. What type of lubrication do you need? I do not have a manual right now but I am sure I can accomplish these particular tasks. Can anyone with maintenance experience give me some insight to the checklist about any items that are difficult to accomplish at home. Thanks for your help. My father and I are taking a long road trip and I need to get this accomplished in the next few weeks. I have already purchased my oils: Oil--Mobile 1/Trans- Sepctro 6 speed/Primary-HD plus.

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    DarinDan, no worries, go over the checklist and go to the Self Help Tab to locate oil/tranny/primary-clutch tips by Glider and others who have shared their experiences. When I first joined I found this one very helpful...


    To prevent oil filter spillage, from Members Tips...


    And of course you may need an oil filter wrench if area is tight...


    As you guessed there are many ways to do the deed "correctly"...study your service manual (probably the best $60 you will ever spend), just a bit of patience, and you will do just fine...enjoy the great satisfaction of learning and doing routine maintenance right, becoming one with your bike. :D
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    Thanks newhd74fan. I just bought the service manual and I will figure out the few questions I have over the next few days. Thanks for the tips. Hope you have a great one.
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    If you got the service manual you'll have no problems doing the service yourself and you'll find you enjoy doing it. Plus you know everything was done and done right, nobody cares as much about your bike like you do. As far as cable lubes, you could try Drislide which is an aerosol or get a tube of cable lube from HD. The other adjustments are explained well in the service manual. Have fun.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Make sure you keep all your receipts and document the mileage and date, just in case of any problems The MOCO cant say you didnt do what you said you did and you will be fine
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    +1 on that. Having dated receipts for the service materials is important. IMO it is worth the money to use a genuine HD oil filter. It's the only genuine HD thing I insist on.:p
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    I have all my receipts and I plan on going to the dealership tomorrow and buying an hd filter and a tube of lubrication for the cables. Manual was shipped today so I should get it in a few days. Excited about learning more about my bike and yes I will know the maintenance will be completed instead of pencil whipped as being done. My local dealership wanted to charge 349 dollars with bringing in the oil. I figure 50 bucks for the manual and all supplies should cost me no less than 120 dollars and I can utilize the equipment later during future oil changes. I'm sure there are fine dealerships that accomplish all the tasks but it seems to me some could use this as an opportunity to earn some money in a quick manner. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    I use Loctite aerosal cable lube for my clutch and front brake cable.
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    I have used loctite before but did not even know they had it in aerosal. Can you buy this at autozone or just car parts store?
  10. Hoople

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    Never used it but looks interesting. I do trust the Loctite name. Part number is #81251.
    Looks to me like an industrial product you will find at Grainger and not an auto store. But who knows.