1999 twin cam crankshaft

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    Maybe I haven't looked in the right place but what I would like to know is the interference fit between the rod pin and wheels on this crank. I purchased a project with a blown engine and would like to do the whole bit from top to bottom. Info?

    Maybe I worded this question wrong. Is there ANY info around that gives the specs on rebuilding a twin cam crankshaft? Such as how many tons pressure to press apart and how much to put back together. A video showing someone doing one would be better than great but just some technical info would work. All I can find is sites that want you to send them your crank so they can do it. I have a 1998 Harley manual but even they didn't go into the crank on the Evo. There has to be info somewhere on this but I sure haven't had any luck finding it. Any ideas?
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    The reason you can't find the information you are looking for is becaue dissassembly/assembly of a TC crank is not a DIY project. Special tools as well as the techinical expertise are required, which most of us don't have. Your best bet is to send the lower unit to a shop that specializes in crank work, like Hoban Brothers (AKA Darkhorse), R&R, etc.

    While you are at it, you might consider "stroking" your TC88 by picking up a 4.375" stroke crank from a later model. Sinc you are in the bottom end anyway, why not?