1998 Wide Glide battery replacement

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by flatasapnck, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I just replaced the original battery in my '98 Wide Glide. Went so smooth it was scarey - then the problem hit. I had confirmed the replacement was specifically made for the '98 WG and even sat the old and new side by side. When I was tightening the bolts the positive bolt into the top of the post kept arching against the underside of the frame. It took several attempts until I decided to put about 25 layers of electrical tape on the bottom of the frame at the point of contact and then taped a garden hose gasket over the post and cable connection. Sounds rigged, I know! My main question is did I over tighten the battery box holding bolts? ( I don't want them loose I don't think.) Any ideas or direction would be appreciated. I don't want to pull the seat every couple days and I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere with my thumb in the air. After 40 years in the saddle I don't need any stupid results from a dumb decision on my part. Been there before.
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    My wide glide is a 94 and as i remember i have no issues with the terminals touching the frame what is different from old to new

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    Is it possible you have the battery in 180 degrees wrong? On my Dyna the battery posts would hit the frame rails if the battery were turned. As it is, they are the width of the battery inboard of the frame rail. Impossible to touch. I just snug the battery tray up to the frame.

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    Breeze has you covered, the correct battery is more that just case size fit, but also terminal location and polarity. That is why when you see the cross reference to JIS or other battery number there are letters after the matching number due to terminal type, offset and other details. That is why I have such a devil of a time fitting a replacement in my Sportster. The Dyna has unique tight fitting battery box so the problems you are having are not a surprise...