16" apes - 2010 Roadking Classic - How to

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by RammerJammer, May 4, 2010.

  1. RammerJammer

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    I want to put 16” 1-1/4 ape hangers on my 2010 Roadking Classic. I want to do it myself. I am just now starting to work on my parts list.

    1. Electronic Throttle – does Harley sell an extension or longer wires?
    2. Brake line – what size?
    3. Clutch cable – what size?
    4. Wiring – what is the best way to go about the turn signal and cruise control wiring?

    If anyone has done this already to one of the newer touring bikes, any help/advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.
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    I do not have any direct knowledge to help you with this but, the folks at Wild 1, Inc. - Chubbys, 1-1/4 accessories are very helpful and have an excellent product. Give them a call. They can tell you exactly what you need.

  3. glider

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    Here's a starter...

    Throttle-By-Wire Extensions - Harley Davidson Community

    You can get the complete kit here to take all the guess work out of it.

    Harley Ape Hangers Motorcycle Handlebars - Hill Country Custom Cycles
  4. RammerJammer

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    Thanks for the info
  5. 09GLDR

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    Hey RammerJammer,

    Here is what your gonna need for cables:

    Upper Brake Line - 25"-28", measure the old one and add about 6"
    Two Lower Brake Lines - 15"
    Clutch Cable - 721 5/16" Drag Specialities Part # 0652-1110
    and don't forget your fittings.
    If your handy with soldering, just solder 14" wire extensions on all your wires, using 16 guage wire for the switch housings and 18 guage for the throttle-by-wire harness. Wrap all solders up good with heat shrink and good luck. Take your time and be patient. I've done alot of ape hanger installs on baggers and with a little patients anyone can do it.

    Be sure to stagger your solders on the harness so they are not all in one place inside the bars, making the harness "fatter" than it needs to be.

    Do some research on removing the wires from the wire connectors. And be sure not to damage any of the molex pins.

    And Glider is right, The kits from HCC Cycles is the way to go, I buy and install alot of their kits, and you cannot beat their prices! Call em or check them out on E-Bay!! (512) 264-7333
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    Get a hold of Hill Country Customs out of Texas. You can order a complete set up already built up and ready to install. I'm ordering me a set this weekend for around 950.00 for everything. That includes all chrome cables, wiring including the throttle by wire extension, and controls. they are out together and shipped all you have to do is install.