103 with SE204 cams

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jetlag, May 22, 2010.

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    I posted this over in another forum, but wanted to share with this community as well. I'd been waffling over cams all winter for my 07 RK police. I'd been looking at all the possible bolt-in, stage II type cams. At one point, I had a set of SE255's in my toolbox ready to go in, but I had a nagging doubt about the 103 motors making too much compression (9.7:1) for these cams. Finally, I took the advice of a couple of builders I trust and put in a set of SE204's, along with the SE high ratio rockers (1.725:1).

    I got the bike back together yesterday afternoon, and the little I've ridden so far indicates the cam selection is a winner for these motors. The bike pulls hard right off idle, and keeps on the cam for quite a bit longer than the SE255's would. Nice mild lope at idle as well.

    It's a very nice little cam, and with the high ratio rockers makes a good bolt-in for Police/Limited 103 motors.
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    Great info indeed. If you ever feel up to it, it would be great to know what the compression actually is under dynamic cranking conditions. (Air cleaner off with throttle body wired wide open.)

    Also would be a good figure to know yourself so you have a baseline should an issue comes up down the road.

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    I know a guy looking for some 255's if you want to sell them.
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    Already down the road and in another bike. I think they're a good cam for a stock 96 with the slightly lower compression.