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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tubguy, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Just had a bunch of warranty work done on my bike including having the stereo replaced. My question is what are peoples thoughts on the 103 download? I have installed the SE Heavy Brether And V/H Ovals and also yhe TFI. The service manager at Harley has apperantly never seen or heard of the Dobeck TFI and informs me that the 103 download is a better up grade. My question, is this a better way to go or can I add the TFI onto the download or just forget the download and continue using the TFI. I'm not familiar with the download so if someone can enlighten me that would be great..

    Thank You
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Dont waste your time with the dealer download, use your TFI and you will be better off and your bike will too:s
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    Jack and dbmg got you covered. The TFI is a much better way to go. How can someone, a Harley Davidson Service Manager non the less, who has never heard of or seen a TFI come to the conclusion that it is somehow inferior to whatever it is they are selling?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    The TFI/Gen3 are piggyback on the harley and Can't be improved with a down-load that HD uses.. In fact they can't run the program on your bike with the TFI installed....

    If you had NO TFI on the bike, Using the Down Load would still make it WAY Too Lean. Harley has to keep the EPA Happy.

    The download would only Change the amount of RPM the motor can turn and a LITTLE richer at WOT...Nothing more.

    These motors turn fast enough (especially stroked to 4.375") and will only self destruct sooner by what Harley tries to sell you.

    A faster RPM? Do you want that Increase... Would you really rev your motor to 6250 or beyond ??? I Never would or want to.

    Now, I have built motors that were BUILT Properly for High speed and plain POWER.
    I used the More RPM increase @ 6500 RPM, That cost me a Crank.:(

    Not on my 09 FLHR bike

    Most normal running street bikes don't need this RPM increase.. The fact that Harley sells it is for the $$$$$$$ in my book.

    Stick with the TFI instead of wasting money on HD's down-load.

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    I agree with the others on this one. I had TFI on my ultra before I did the 103 and 255's. Dealership somehow convinced me that the download was the way to go. After 3 visits back to the dealer because the bike was pinging under load and running hot, I talked to Matt at Doebeck and he gave me settings for my TFI so now I have it back on there, no more pinging and bike running much cooler.
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    Here is the perfect reason to not do the download. It just resets bike back to lean EPA settings. So thanks for sharing 89stroker and glas you got it worked out.:s
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    Just sounds like a sales associate doing his job of being a sales associate. Ive never ran a tfi but many on hear do. So stick with what you have and you should be fine.
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    Let's see, the Dobeck products are less expensive and easier for the customer to use and adjust on his own without bringing the bike back to the dealer all the time.

    I wonder why they haven't heard of it?

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    My pleasure!!:D