'09 and later Road Glide - Wind Deflector Kit

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tlippy, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Road Glide Owners '09 and later: see page 343 of the 2011 Accessories catalog, FLTR Wind Deflector Kit, NEW, part # 57000063, $29.95. Simple snap-on fix for those of you who experience wind buffeting coming up from under the faring. Did a 150 mile ride today at speeds up to 75 mph and the buffet is gone. Still get wind over the fairing but the thump is gone. I bought a Jacks Flaps vest and maybe got some relief. Bought a ClearView windshield and maybe it helped. ClearView and Jack are gone - back to the OE windshield. I did slip a TieWrap around the deflector and engine guard for extra security.

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    Good deal Tlippy, those mods are classic for new late model HD owners. Heat and wind management is fundamental and very good for others to know how easily it can be fixed without a whole lot of $$$'s.