08 ultra detachable tour pak

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    I know this might be beating a dead horse, but I am thoroughly confused with what parts to buy to make my tour pak detachable...it seems like the parts in the catalog skip from 07 to 09...please help...mine is stock with the speakers and passenger backrest attached...anniversary edition.. battery color...coppertone
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    For my '07 Classic, I got the 53804-06 docking kit for two up luggage rack, and 53276-04 two up tour pack rack. I did not buy the 53303-07 kit that includes antenna relocation kit and laydown tag bracket. That kit costs a lot more, and I use a hidden tune trapper antenna when the t.p. is off. You may want that for your cb antenna. I got a nicer laydown tag bracket for less than HD.
    If you want to run a sissy bar you will need the 53803-06 docking kit. I found the best deals on Ebay.