08 Road Glide Headlight Adjustment

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 08roadglider, Aug 5, 2009.

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    My new 08 roadglide headlights seem to be angled to for downward. Dont have great lighting at night unless high beams on. How do I adjust upward?
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    I had the same problem. There are 2 adjustment screws on the back side of the fairing. They will adjust to a point but I found a middle screw behind the lights when I took off the fairing cover. I unscrewed the adjuster and fine tuned it with the other 2 after I put the fairing cover back on. Putting the fairing on was a pain, but just take your time and cover your fender so you don't scratch it. My lights work great now and are better than my ultra.
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    You will need a 4.5mm socket but a 7/32 will work as well , you should be able to adjust the lights to where you want them without taking off the outer fairing . If you take off the outer fairing make sure that the fairing is hooked on the bracket that is behind the radio when you install the fairing , you will have to do this by feel because you can not see what you are doing , the fairing will stay on the bike once it is hooked on the bracket , line up the edges of the inner & outer fairing & put the turn siginals in their holes but do not tighten , then check & see if the light adjustment screws are in the center of the access opening , then put in the 6 screws & tighten to 6-8 inch pounds , then tighten the turn siginals . You can check if you did the install right by taking off the headlight bezel , the headlight assembly should move a little . I have taken off the outer fairing many times & this is the system that I use , it varies some from the HD book but it works for me .
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    I think ill tinker without taking fairing off yet. Thanks for the tips. I will play with the accessible adjusters first and let you know how it comes out
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    A tip that many of us use when re installing the front fairing on your Road Glide is to remove the headlight bucket before you put the fairing back on. This is easily accomplished by squeezing the 3 green colored clips which hold the bucket in place. With the headlight bucket removed it is easy to see the clip that holds the fairing in the correct position. Once the fairing is correctly screwed back into place, just push the headlight bucket back into it's place and all is well. Of course you do have to remove the clear plastic lens cover before pushing the head light bucket back into place. If you try to stab the fairing back on without removing the headlight bucket you can easily try for 45 minutes or an hours and still be unsuccesful because you just can not see the hooks. For some unknown reason this is not mentioned in the service manual, probably because engineers never work on the bikes they design.

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