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    I just got my 06 RKC with efi and lately it pops, hesitates and (EDIT) occasionally. I took it back to the dealer, of course none of the above happens for them.
    Mostly occurs in the am morning ride home, about 25degrees. I let it idle for about 4-5 min this helps but still pops.
    The other day on a road trip, stopped for dinner and the bike was hesitating, almost stalling for about 5 min after resuming the trip.
    Has anyone else had this problem? or do I just kind of live with it.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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  2. Drumrguy

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    My God, we must have the same dealer! 05 Ultra Classic, had problem with decell popping and stalling when coming to a stop, back and forth with the dealer, even took it to another dealer. Just got my bike back yesterday and somehow it is fixed, they said it did not happen to them either. Some of my decell pop is from all my motor work but not that bad now. I repacked my baffles with new fiber that helped, that is a horrible position to be in, it caused me a huge headache. It depends on what throttle position that it is happening in. Could be a little lean. I think they replaced my IAC on my bike. I assume your bike is fuel injected?
  3. glider

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    Any tuner or mods? It could be running lean or it may have a problem with the fuel line in the tank if it just started this. Does it make a difference with a full tank of gas or half tank or less?

    Give us something to "guess" at here with more information.
  4. billnapabill

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    What do you mean "pops", Is it backfiring out the exhaust or coughing through the throttle body? At 24deg. amb. temprature it's gettn a lot of cold air, has this just started happening since the colder weather has set in? Have you changed the air intake system, made any exhaust mods, motor work?
  5. lasvegasrick

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    check your pipes where they go into the jugs,they come loose causing backfireing,mine have came loose a few times