03 RKC idling question

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Amish Hawg, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    This has happened on 3 seperate riding occassions during the past week, thought i would throw it at ya'll to see what you think.

    I hop on the scoot, let her warm up and take a ride. She normally idles at 900/925 at a stop light. First two lights, I'm ok. a mile later, I come up to the light, she drops down to 800ish and dies. I start up, go to the next light, she dies again. The lights are roughly 1-1.5 miles apart. At the next light, she stays at 900ish and all is well.

    The rest of the ride is flawless, with and without stops. Cruising speed is fine....no sputtering, all is good.

    ONE NOTE - At take off from the light, on occassion ( 2nd to 3rd gear), I'll get one heck of a backfire. not constantly, just on occassion.

    This has happened on 3 seperate days now. Could it be the intense heat in DFW? 105+

    The Bike - Stage 1, Hooker slip ons, nothing else. 1000 miles on the fuel filter.....the inside hoses (fuel) all good. I just came in from outside, she's idling right at 900/925.

    Thanks for any input.....have a great day.
  2. RibEye

    RibEye Junior Member

    Crank position sensor could be gunked up. It is easy to take out and remove the fuzz. Also, the Idle air control could be gunked up. A bit of carb cleaner might help there.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
  3. 73stang

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    i had a similar problem on my 1996 ultra and found a vacuum plug on the top of the throttle plate was dry rotted and cracked open. not sure if yours have this also but it is something cheap and easy to check. Mine was painted a red color but the paint had chipped off it is located just behind the air cleaner plate at the top.

    Ribeye also has a good point and those are also easy to check and clean.
  4. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    Thanks, I'll check out everything mentioned.

    Have a great week.
  5. HDDon

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    Real good advice, my bet is going on the IAC, or CPS. Let us know if cleaning them helped or if it was something else. Thanks
  6. Amish Hawg

    Amish Hawg Active Member Contributor

    Cleaned the IAC up.....yep, she was gunked

    A perfect weekend for the fix....rained Friday, dug in to her. Cleaned out the IAC, changed all fluids, spit shined her....very dirty.

    Rode her like I stole her for the weekend, no issues.......and it stayed under 100 degrees in DFW.....perfect weather. Even needed a jacket in the a.m.

    Thanks all