03 heritage efi cutting out and idling up

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by curley05, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. curley05

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    my 03 heritage engine light comes on after it goes off at start up...it goes off after about 10 seconds...light comes on when riding and sometimes it cuts out like its running on one cylinder or the idle will go real high....

    I changed the AIC...it ran good for two days but light still came on after start up...then it started the cutting out and idling up again

  2. dbmg

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    Have you covered the basics. Check for codes. Be sure there is no vacuum leaks at intake and associated parts.

    Check here:

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  3. curley05

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    have a jumper wire but the 4 terminals on plug are not marked...

    tried all the combinations of the 4 terminals in plug to get code.....got no code...light stays on....its running worse and worse....engine light comes on and starts sputtering and missing...i turn bike off and restart and somtimes the idle goes and stays really high and sometimes in sputters again and sometimes it runs fine.....GUESS ITS TIME TO TAKE IT IN TO SHOP
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    What is the AIC? Symptoms indicate that the IAC motor is not operating properly; very common problem. Get some throttle body or carb cleaner and clean the IAC port and plunger while cycling the switch on and off before you take it to the shop.
  5. 90FXRS

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    You say you changed the IAC? I would then look to an intake leak. I use mass air flow sensor cleaner. Does the same cleaning but is not as harsh on the sensors and other components. If you can get it to start and run, spray the intake ports at the heads and see if the idle changes.

    Have you checked the plugs, wires and coil?
  6. pinnball

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    check your throttle body.I just went throught that.the motor idled up about 2000 rpms to 1500 rpms.when i took out the tps sensor i pulled on the shaft that holds the butterfly and it came out in my hand,it had broken where the screw holds it to the butterfly.
  7. pdfiddler

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    Change brand of gas. ARCO did this everytime to my Heritage. Changed back to Chevron and everything was groovy.