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    I want your advice…
    I wish to install compact slanted saddle bags ( 12”X9.5”X5.5”) onto my 2007 sportster 883.
    Most of the pictures I’ve seen of saddlebags on HD sportsters are showing the saddlebag covering the shocks.
    I think it would look better to set slightly behind the shock. In the attached picture I have created a white polygon box representing the location that I think it would look best in.

    With the saddle bag brackets I believe this would keep them away from the wheels, belts, exhaust, etc while maintaining the slim look I love so much about the sportster.

    One potential problem I see with the throw over saddlebags is I would have to cut a slit into the yoke for the turn signal lights to poke though

    What do you think?

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  2. dbmg

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    You are going to have the added weight hanging off fender with minimal support and not having the added weight at the centerline of wheel. If technically able to have a secure and strong brackets made for set up the only negative I see is the placement of additional weight placed where you want it, and small bags for the all effort. With throw overs how are you going to accommodate sissy bar assembly???
    Look at these instructions it may help. Clink on link:
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    The location that you have indicated may work but may take a wee bit of fiddling and adjustment to get it right it may be worth looking into relocating the turn signals to the fender to get them out of the way of the bags

  4. mikemyers

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    I think I understand you DBMG.

    I don’t have the universal bracket yet but was hoping /assuming that I could mount them at this location: (see attachment and the arrows pointing to the bolt locations where I was hoping to install the brackets.) This would give the saddle bags sufficient support, me thinks.

    And I agree this will cause some weight to be placed at the back of the motorcycle, slightly behind the center line of the rear wheel. However they being small bags and slanted, I thought this would prevent a large amount of weight to throw off the balance of the bike.

    I forgot to mention the sissy bar is coming off, as you can see from the first picture it does me no good as I only have a single seat. Then I hope to build a custom rear rack, large in size. (You see I like to use my bike as a truck hauling an array of items around.)
    I may design a back rest for my single seat, incorporating it into the custom luggage rack.

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    I don't have a Sportster but, I had my bags on my 1985 FXEF like you are talking about doing behind the shocks. My bags didn't have support arms for them either. They did rub on the tire and made the lettering pretty smooth (several years of them being there from when my dad owned it). But other than that I didn't have any problems with the weight distribution. They are off my bike for now since I just put a new tire on. I do plan on making some supports for them so I can put them back on. I have to bolt in on from under the fender since my chrome trim on the fender doesn't have bolt holes from the outside. It has scroll work on them. Good luck with it.
  6. mikemyers

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    Thanks! That is good to know about the weight distribution!