You call this a vacation???

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    hahahaha, we went to Pigeon Forge, Tn. for vacation and we are snowed in. We didnt know they were supposed to get alot of snow so we only bought stuff for a couple salads. Figured we would be going to some of our favorite places to eat. Tried to get out yesterday and there was a car stuck. Hubby helped them get out and we came back up to our cabin. Figured we would try again today.......shouldnt have tried. Now our vehicle is in the ditch and the rearend is over towards the edge. We called a wrecker at 10:30 this morning and still no sign of them. The neighbors gave us a little turkey and some mashed tators to eat tonight. We got around 10 inches of snow so far. Tonight is supposed to be windy. Hubby just called them and now they wont be here till tomorrow.:panic
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    Sorry to hear you in such a situation. Hope you will be alright.


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    Sometimes when you are on vacation, things happen. The key is to make the most of it and never forget the reason you went on vacation in the first decompress and enjoy with friends and loved ones. Being able to ride of course is a big plus...but sharing the joy is key. Have a nice holiday, and remember to take some serious time to make the most of it.:D
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    Just remember this is one Christmas vacation you will never forget. Hopefully you have enough time to enjoy yourselves before getting back to the daily grind.
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    I grew up in the country and there was an interesting after effect of these storms their nickname was blizzard babies
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    Had that happen in northern wisconsin a few years ago. got to bad to drive so the next little town we stopped. we found a little motel with a diner just up the street. nicest people in the world. spent 2 days snowed in there with the wife and two little girls. Cell phones didnt work, there was no distractions. 2 of the best days of my life.
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    I hope you can get out and get home. I love the Pigion Forge area and last Chritmas we spent a week in a cabin and it did get cold but no snow until the day we left but it was only on the truck. Look at the weather forcast any time you go up into the mountains. Global Warming is really changing the weather and it is becoming a hazard all year long. I have loved the Smoky Mountains ever since my parents took me to them in 1955. I have spent a lot of money trying to instill in my grand daughter the love of those mountains. She is 15 and going on 21. I wish I could take my Harley up to the mountains for one more ride. Let us know when you get home.
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    I understand the getting stuck in snow sort of situation we had some snow end of nov but i kept snowing every day for 2 weeks then a thaw for about 4 days then more snow today was the first time for 2 1/2 weeks that i have been able to get the car home without snow chains i have only had the snow chains for 5 days as post couldn't get to me to deliver them had to get them diverted into town
    i can not remember this amount of snow for so long in my lifetime in this part of Scotland however we just have to make the best of the weather that we are given
    Try and enjoy the rest of your vacation

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    And...more on the way...we might never get back home??? ;)
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    I was driven threw that thur snow storm the other day going back to KY!! Boy was it fun (yeah right)

    Ive been driven in snow all week. Im tired of snow.

    Sorry for your luck too, but things could be worse.