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    Was having a few beer with my buddy on his back porch the other day and his 21yr old step son showed up with a friend and said that his little honda car was makin a lot of engine noise. Asked him had he checked the oil latley and he said "Yes and he thinks that it has the wrong dipstick for that car because it isnt long enough to reach the oil" :shock
    So after we go out there and find that the car was almost 4 quarts low and fill it back up.. Guess what all noise went away. Thank God it was a Honda cause a chevy would have been toast. Man kids these days cant seem to do anything on there own.
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    Sounds like the wrong dipstick had a hold of the right dipstick. You think his dad ever checked the oil? I was around a lot of young people when I worked at the university and most don't have any knowledge of how things work, except maybe the computer.
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    Common sense is a wonderful thing. To bad they do not teach it in school nowadays. Kids are all taught to be rocket scientists.
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    Most people are born with 5 senses, the other 2 horse and common you have to get on your on!!!

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    Have to break the news...common sense is a misnomer...it is not so common and not really a sense but a learned experience. Just think, the next generation will not even know a life without a computer, calculator or cell phone, and consider themselves handicapped if not so equipped.:small3d002:

    Some artists using oil and brush, sculpture or musical instruments think the computer has harmed the arts just as much as it has helped others to view and enjoy. No more free time to do sports and ride motorcycles. :small3d031:
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    my stepson and his buddy decided to change the oil on his Firebird. They asked me how to do it. So I went out and showed them where the drain plug and the oil filter were. Told them if they needed help to let me know. About an hour later they were back complaining that the trans wasn't shifting right and the engine had 'a funny noise'. uh oh. I went out and had them start it. Yep, very noisy lifters and a nasty knocking sound. Shut if off and checked the oil. NADA! So my stepson starts yelling at his friend about why he didn't put the oil in. His friend is yelling back "Yes I Did!" After a couple of minutes of yelling at each other I asked his friend to show me where he put the oil. He points to the transmission dip stick. WHAT? I pull the dip stick and it's covered with a mixture of red and black fluid, all the way to the top.
    Yep, he put the engine oil in the transmission. :small3d031:

    I asked him how he got the oil in the small tube and said "I made a funnel out of a newspaper."

    Well, my stepsons first car (used) went to the junkyard that weekend.
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    What's a calculator? Yep, you can get that on the cell phone too....even the fancy smancy scientific one.

    My nephew is 26 and my niece is 21, years ago when they were young, I walked into my parent's house and they were on the couch and the TV wasn't on. I asked them if the cable was out and my niece replied, 'no, Bubbie lost the remote and now we can't watch TV'. I just went about my business and didn't tell them they didn't need the remote. She was at least coloring. :D
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    We were working on my buddys truck and his sister wanted to change her own oil but couldn't get the drain plug off so my buddy took it off for her and we went back to what we where doin and she finished her oil change. She took off when she was done and about 15 min after she left I looked over and there was a huge puddle of oil where her car had been and sure enough in my buddy pocket was the drain plug. We went down the road a few miles there she was lookin realy mad
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    I own part of a napa store and the sad part is, I've personally witnessed this exact thing.
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    My daughters know how to check their oil and change a tire. They both go and pay to get their oil changed but they do know to check the oil level, coolant and tire pressure on a regular basis.