Wrecked my bike today

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    Well, I had my first accident today. I have had the bike for a little over a month now, and ended up on my right side in the dirt. The good news, no injuries other than some soreness and scratches, and a bad case of hurt pride. Since I know you are all on pins and needles now, heres the story.

    I was not even 3 miles from home, on the way to the convenience store (really short trip but I was still wearing my helmet, armored jacket, and jeans) when some (really inconsiderate person) turns left, skipping the left lane for the one I was in. The following happened in about a 3 second period but has been re-constructed as best I can from memory. I clutched and applied max braking, but ended up a little heavy on my rear brake. My bike fishtailed right then left, regained control but left me turned slightly toward the curb, at some point before impact my handlebars slipped and bent downward, struck the curb, wheels locked in the dirt, and I was skidding on my right side. The bike only skid about 4-6 feet because the dirt was soft and my engine guard dug in really good. I was around another 4-10 feet further. I jumped up angrily and tore my gear off cussing the driver as I realized he wasn't going to stop to even check if I was ok.

    Now for the damages:
    Throttle cable severely damaged, bent around 90+ degrees
    Deep scratches on the engine guard
    Right mirror scratched but not hardly noticable
    Missing some rubber inserts from my ISO grips
    Brake master cylinder scratched
    Right turn signal loose, scratched, and lense removed (but found)
    Right sissybar mounting plate scratched
    Rear turn signal scratched
    Severe scratching on mufflers
    Fuel tank dented and scratched up
    Right side of front fork scratched up.

    Very happy to be ok, and to finally remove the suspense of when I was going to end up dinging the bike. I think I will probably pass on the insurance this time. The only thing of pressing importance as far as repairs is to fix that throttle cable. Everything is mainly cosmetic. I will close by thanking the Fireman who stopped to help and the fellow biker on a Vstar, who stopped and made sure I wasn't injured, and helped me pick up my bike. Well, no riding this weekend, but I swear to have her up and running by next. I'm already ready to get back out there.
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    As long as you're okay, I hope you got the tag number of the driver and reported them for hit and run.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Kinda been thar and done that thing.. Glad your OK and YOU have the Right attitude.. Get back on and RIDE.. safely!!!:newsmile011:

    My Best

  4. TripleJ

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    Just glad to hear you are ok. Everything else can be fixed.
  5. av8rjim84

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    Unfortunately did not get the license number. I gave the police a description but it is unlikely they will find them. Do you guys think my insurance will go up a lot with this claim...or not too bad since it was another driver at fault.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    On My accident, No fault of mine and nobody to pin the damage on.. My collision paid for the 1200$$ damage and I did the repairs myself, They sent out an adjuster to give values and I took a check and finished the repairs. making the mechanical profit..

    The rates stayed the same.. They were going up about 100$ every year anyways... increases without ever an accident or claim against them.. I finally quit Dairyland(again) and went back to Progressive then they priced insurance out of reach , now with my home owners policy State Farm..
    Lots of money as I have a 09 FLHR and a 06, 1200 R sport..

    Mostly need a good Medical coverage as the bikes can be BOUGHT but or bodies NOT..:newsmile08:

    Too many driving without coverage so Higher cost to us.. IDIOTS on their cell/text phones...:newsmile055:

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    The most important is that you are ok, the bike can be repaired as already stated, you will be back on her in no time, good luck.
  8. rick1062

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    Wow, that could have ended up a lot worse.
    That old locked up rear tire can really send you where you don't want to go.

    Glad you are ok and the bike will survive.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Glad you are OK, insurance is a funny animal, call your agent and get more info, what is your deductible? Get back on that horse and RIDE:rider
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    Glad you are ok bike can be fixed