Wiring looks simple but not for me??

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    So I am new to building bikes but I have a 96 Chopper with an 1996 80 evo FXSTC motor with push button start, no turnsignals just a headlight and taillight. It was taken completely down in 1996 and has not been run or put together since. I have the custom wiring harnesses from when it was built but I just dont really have the electrical knowledge to put it back together. I have looked at all the wiring diagrams I could find and found one on here that was close but just not close enough. I thought maybe if I posted what I was looking at someone could give me some advice. This may not be possible by describing but I thought I would give it a shot. Here goes:

    From the ignition there are three wires all are run back to a breaker block with a 15, 20 and 30 amp breaker in the following manner:

    ign post 1 - red wire that runs to the silver side of the 30 breaker
    ign post 2 - green wire that runs to the copper side of the 15 breaker
    ign post 3 - brown wire that runs to the copper side of the 20 breaker

    there is then a red wire that runs from the copper side of the 30 breaker that has a circular connector on it ( I think this might go to the + bat terminal)

    there is a yellow wire that runs back towrd the coil from the silver side of the 15 breaker (I am thinking this attches to the + side of the coil

    There is a couple of wires that run from the breakers back to the headlight but those are obvious so I got those.

    Then of course there is the positive Bat cable that runs from the starter up through the bat box.

    My questions are these:

    - Am I correct that the red from the copper side of the 30 amp goes to the + bat terminal?

    - Am I correct that the yellow coming back from the silver side of the 15 amp goes to the + side coil?

    - there is a green, black and white wire with circular connectors that run from the cam sensor to the coil but are not attched do these in fact connect to the coil?

    - where does the black single wire that comes from the voltage regulator go? the silver side of the 30 amp?

    I appologize that this is long and probably pretty basic stuff but electrical has never been my strong suit and this is my first bike build so I thought I would ask the experts here.


    I am may have figured most of this out by a process of elimination and some james bond style deductive reasoning..:)
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