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    I joined this group and am seeking advice for my ol man. He has a 93 sportster, its a 883 hugger on title but it was converted to a 1200. The previous owner put a different gas tank, fenders and other parts on it to custom. It has a screaming eagle box on it by the battery, he said thats what converts it to a 1200. lol I dont know. Previous owner made a real mess out of the wiring harness!! Right now it will not start. It turns over but no start. He was thinking coil but upon removing his gas tank and getting down to the bare wires he discovered a rats nest made out of wires. There is a handful of wires that are chopped and not connected just bare, not even taped up. I have been online for 2 hours trying to find a wiring diagram/schematic for this bike and im having a tough time finding one. He does want to get a book for it eventually but right now just tryin to get a diagram, or any advice I can get from you guys would be appreciated. He had it to a local garage that tried to fix it in the spring, that guy ran a whole separate wire just so he would have a head light and a tail light, but it has no turn signals, no high or low beam, no brake light, and the lights on the dash dont work. He eventually wants to get a whole new wiring harness but for now, can anyone help me out with a link to a wiring diagram. Thank you so much for reading my post sorry if it was to long. We just want to get back on the road for another ride or two before the snow flies again!! lol:D
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    Welcome from So. Texas. I have attached 2 prints for your bike, You will just have to line up the lines to trace everything out.
    As far as the S.E. module goes that does not in itself make it a 1200. You need bigger cylinders & pistons for that. If you can read the P/N on the unit the your local HD shop be able to tell you if it's for a 883 or 1200.. The stock units have different P/N's.
    Hope this helps, but definitely get a shop manual.

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    awesome!! Thank you so much for the wire diagrams only problem is when im trying to print them off they are to small to read. I tried to zoom in on them, then it makes it blurry. I just cant seem to get it right. uggghh. but thank you for your help!!
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    I would also double check each one with a meter.
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    Update, So I found out tonight someone put a Badlands self-cancelling turn signal module on this bike, must have been when they put on a new gas tank, im assuming. So I did a little research about this product and came to find it should have had a connector on it so it could have been connected to the harness easy as come be. BUT that was not the case here!!! I did manage to get this mess untangled to discover a whole new separate wire harness that runs to this module. The original wires are still there also so there are alot of cut wires that have tape on the ends of them. BUT also there are so many added wire places that make no dang sense at all!!! I can not believe someone did this!!!! the wires to the connector that was supposed to plug into the old turn signal module was cut and just hanging there wide open!!! there are different color wires combined and soldered with each other, there are grounds that are not connected, the speedo light for the dash have about 10 different wires connected that go nowhere and the connectors have wires that are only holding on by a couple of threads!!!! Can you say in need of a new wire harness!!!! Any way sorry for the ramble. beside all of this mess my fiance thinks it needs a new coil. It did run and would shut off a couple times and start back up again, now it wont start at all. It does turn over just wont start. Coil or these butchered up wires???
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    ohh and there are no fuses any where on this harness!! There is a white rectangle thing under the seat that looks like it may be some kind of fuse it has yellow and black wires running from it, I cant find it on the diagram??
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    This appears to be a big mess. What a shame for most problems with Harleys are self inflicted as you have found. Have you checked for spark or fuel? It is quite possible with the issues you are having that the ignition module has been fried. Do you mean there is no fuses on bike at all or the add on harness that used to control lights has no fuses?