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    I have a 2008 Fat Bob and am replacing the stock rear fender with a 2010 Wide Glide fender. I am also adding the HD under fender brake light kit (instead of using the run/stop/turn module) and a side-mount license plate holder w led light.

    The stock Fat Bob wiring has an 8 pin connector under the seat that runs wires to a circuit board in the rear tail light assembly which the Wide Glide doesn't have. So, I need to create a pigtail to connect the wires. Rather than build on from scratch, I'm just re-purposing the one that came with the brake light kit.

    I'm pretty new at this and have a couple of newb questions I could use some help on.

    The run/brake light wires run to a 3 pin connector that works like it's supposed to. Most of the other wires (left turn, right turn and acc) run directly to 2 pin connectors. I think that's going to be OK.

    Now I have 2 "extra" wires - the kit pig tail has 2 running light wires and 2 brake light wires. One set got to the center brake light. The other set is supposed to go to the tail lights as the stock FXDWG uses them as run/brake lights. Since I will not, I have an extra set.

    I am planning on using the blue running light wire to power the license plate LED light. But, there's no corresponding black ground wire.

    Question #1: Is it OK if I splice into the black ground wire for the ACC circuit to create a ground wire for the license plate LED?

    Now, there's the "extra" red brake light wire.

    Question #2: I can just cap off and insulate the end without connecting it to anything, true?

    Thanks in advance.

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    #1 yes #2 yes