Wires stuck in sheathing

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by R_W_B, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I am relocating my front turn signals on my 07 Street Bob. I have the AMP connector apart (pulled down from inside frame) and the 3 turn signal wires out and taped up.

    But when I try to pull (from the switch housing on bars) the 3 turn wire cable up thru the sheathing, it's not budging. I put slickem on the wires down under the frame but they have not moved 1/16" of an inch yet.

    How does that rubber bushing (where all the cables) in the frame neck come out?
    I am thinking if I could get that out it might loosen up the friction or if I had to I could take all the wires loose from the AMP conn's and just put the whole sheathing out from the frame.
    Appreciate any help with this.
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    When the cable assembly was made the clearance may be such that you won't be able to pull the conductors out...too tight, and twisted within the sheath. You may have to extend the wires thru the use of "butt splices". Don't pull too hard on the conductors or you may create another more serious problem... broken wires up in the sheath where you can't get to it.
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    Re: Got it out.

    Seems like after I post I feel more confident like I know help is on the way. So after I posted the question I went back out and felt around a bit on the rubber washer at the frame.

    I got them both out on both sides without damaging them. Used my hands, seems like pulling the top rear of it, is it's weakest point because it has a split there (that allows the rubber washer to come off the wires). Just had to stick my stiff fumble fingers to it HARD like I was trying to pry the football away from the receiver, kept pulling and grabbing bit by bit.

    With it off then I got the turn wires to start loosening up, after pulling them back and forth a few times, before I let them disappear into the sheathing. Then they came all the way out. I'm cooking on the front burner now baby!
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    Re: Got it out.

    You know I do this ALL the time. So don'f feel alone! :D