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    have to small questions , first im rebuilding our (mine and da blondes piglet) going with .20 over on pistions and rings wondering if we should go with bigger cams or keep stock one as it is still with in tolarence, and need to know if can use a paint stripper to help get old paint off her sheet metal . thanks for help :6:
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    The best advice I can give is you need to sit down and figure out what exactly you are looking for a end result with motor rebuild. Are you just freshening up or a modded up rebuild. As part of figuring out you also need to know what disposable cash that you can throw at rebuild. So this can be a very complex undertaking..... With out first starting with the amount of money available this could easily turn into a situation where bike may sit disassemble for a long time till cash is available.
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    just freshing her up a bit we want to keep her as stock as possible , we are buying another one just like her that has been stroked, so the new one is just like we wanted to do to our piglet #1 and the money is no problem as have been saving for this rebuild and new paint
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    I've stripped paint off metal before and found zip strip works pretty well. Just make sure your in a well vented area due to strong fumes.
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    A wire brush on an angle grinder does wonders on paint. Just don't get near anything that isn't steel.
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    If the metal is still good under the current paint and it is being painted for a new look a scotch pad wire wool or some 200 grit paper can be used to create a key in the old paint for new paint to grip into
    If you do need to get to bare metal paint stripper, rotary wire brush, 80 grit paper, hot air gun and scraper, media blasting and there may be a few other ways
    I have used most of the above methods and sometimes prefer to use a coarse grit wet and dry paper as sometimes that is very calming thing to do in this busy world

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    Hi Jim,
    Looking forward to some pics of your progress.
    Piglet #2 also would be good to see once you've decided what to buy. Hope it all goes well. keep us posted.

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    ok all da blonde says # 2 s name is idapig 2 as we are getting from idaho so thats her name and thanks all for the great tips, we will be posting pics soon as we go to keep all posted on her progress (piglet ) that is

    if we put new cams in her jack i think more top end would be the way to go
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    ok all here are the first pics of our rebuild da blonde hard at work lol also she had to take pics of the oil on floor in house mom 005.jpg

    mom 006.jpg

    mom 007.jpg

    mom 008.jpg

    mom 009.jpg