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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by fxdc1951, May 10, 2013.

  1. fxdc1951

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    I have question. I was given a nice HD windshield that came off a 2005 FXD with the smaller diameter fork legs. I have a 2011 FXDC with the larger legs. Is there a mounting kit that I can swap out to make this shield fit my fork legs, or is it just useless?
  2. Sunnysideup

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    I do not recall what the springloaded clamps are that grab onto the fork tubes are called but I would think your old smaller ones could be changed out for the newer larger diameter. Just loosen the four large allen headed screw a little and it should be as simple as off and on. Let me know if you need more assistance or photos.

    As far as using your old clamps, I'm not sure. I've never held a set in my hands to see the difference from old to new. Your HD dealer may could help you here.
  3. scmuniz

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    I have a set of 3 49mm Harley fork clamps that would probably work... I have the 4th one but it doesn't clamp. (broken)...
    I bought a windshield for my 2004 that came off a 2011 fxdc and the clamps are way too big for my 39mm forks. I'll swap them with you if you'd like. I guess 3 for 3. Of course I'd pay for the 4th if you'd include it. scmuniz at yah00 dot com I can send a pic of them....