Windshield height ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sprinklerfitter669, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. sprinklerfitter669

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    the detachable winshield on my RK, was cut down by the dealer, per their recommendation. they had me sit on the bike, and looked at my line of site and marked, and cut. It is a little below my nose.
    The problem is, this was done before i even rode the bike, but on the demo ride, the top of the shield was in my line of site, so i took their advice to cut it.
    Well, on my way home, i had terrible wind hitting me at the top of my glasses and the front of my helmet. I took the windshield off, as i am only going to use it for the major highways.
    Any recommendations, did they cut it to short or should it be cut more?
    I do want some air
  2. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    Steve, how is it adjustable?
    i just went and checked, on the shield itself, and nothing seems to be able to move?
    also on the mounting knobs, they are fixed as well, am i missing something?
  3. HarryB737

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    The new windshield I just installed is flaired forward a little at the top, which helps out a lot. Per: MFG the flair is like adding 2 extra inches in height to the WS. It sounds like your mounting is simular to the one on the Heritage.
  4. larryjmiller

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    I get a similar buffeting on my RK. I am 5'8" with a medium torso and I can see over the stock windshield except when going up hill. I get a similar buffeting although it's not as bad on my Ultra Limited and that windshield is very tall and I can't see over it. I got used to looking through it right away even when covered in bugs. I'll pull over and give it a good cleaning with pledge when it gets really bugged up.

    A lot of folks seenm to like the shaped windshields. Although, I would recommend spending the extra $ and getting Lexan. There is a U-Tube showing the difference between inexpensive acrylic and Lexan. I have been sold on Lexan since the mid 70s. We had a lighted sign at the hospital I worked at and the kids would throw rocks at it and we were constantly replacing it. We placed a sheet of Lexan in front of the sign. The same sign with the Lexan shield is still there 30 years later. Those rock throwing kids are probably parents or grandparents by now!

    If you asked the dealer to cut down your windshield before trying it, that's a tough one. If they give you a new one, you are one lucky person.
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    I would never ride with a shield I couldn't see over. I put one on my '10 flhrc that is 4" shorter than stock and it is perfect for me ,, I am 5' 09",,, I would consider going really short in the summer.
    Excellent replacement shields on e-bay out of California for $60,,, completely happy with mine....
  6. rklew

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    Yep, I did the same @ 5'10", works great. :D