Why we ride

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    I would imagine that most all of us have someone who infected us with the bug. For me, it was my dad. He was my road captain in all ways. Riding just being one of them.
    My son in law (both my son in laws and daughters) now ride. I gave my Roadster to one. He gave it back, after 4 or 5 years, to own his dad's old motorcycle. I gave my Roadster to my other son in law who has just started riding. Looking forward to more years of riding with them. Son in law who now owns the Roadster ( was my dad's before it was mine), has a site to talk about his first riding experiences riding etc ( nothing to do with any commercial venture at all)
    http://www.ctroadster.com. His excitement has even given me a shot in the arm.
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    Because it's there? I don't really know,I just love the way it feels,cruising.And I love H.D.'s each and every one I've had.Some more than others.The easiest handling,smoothest ride,with more pep than my last bike(2013 FLHR) is my current one.Much faster than the last one.All my bikes have been bone stock,except for hwy. pegs,or seats.I've toyed with the idea of going back to a dyna,but after 2 touring bikes,I may be too spoiled.Your having a family to cruise together is way cool.My wife won't ride,neither of my sons either.I got my first street legal bike at 17.Kawasaki's, they had 2 things going for them,they were fast,and cheap.
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    Pretty cool passing the roadster around and keeping it in the family. :s
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    I ride because of the feeling of the bike and the scenery flowing by and the freedom of it. Sometimes a short ride feels good and sometimes a steady long ride feels good. I like listening to the exhaust note, shifting gears and rolling on the throttle. I guess what I'm trying to say is ...I LOVE IT!!!:D
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    I call it Wind Therapy because I can't explain it much better.

    I've ridden before I was legal to do so; at age 15 I was taking my Dad's bike out for cruising while he was gone to work. I'd put on 40-50 miles with it and park it back where I found it and clean it off. If he knew all along that I was doing that he never once mentioned it.

    Over all the years since I've owned a Yamaha DT enduro, a Kawasaki LTD, a Suzuki GS1100, and a '67 Sportster before arriving at the '95 FLSTF I have now. By the time I had the Sporty you couldn't get me off the bike with a crowbar. I put more miles on that in the RAIN than most people will put on in sunny weather. I can't imagine NOT riding a motorcycle. Some ride for the adrenaline and that's fine (stay safe brothers and sisters), but I ride to relax and clear my mind. Stress just melts away with each twist of a motorcycle's throttle...and even more so when that bike is a Harley Davidson. My next bike? I'm thinking of a Road Glide. :)
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    (Was trying to add this in there ^ but time expired.) :D

    The wind. The things you see when you don't have a roof. The sounds of everything around you unhindered by windows and sound-deadening. The smells of fresh rural air. Mother Nature never intended to have all of her wonderful charms blocked out by glass, steel, fabric, and radio advertisements. I fall in love with the world all over again each time I ride and that will never get old.
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    Priest and professor of history John M. Staudenmaier, S.J., replied to a question on why he prefers riding a motorcycle to driving a car as follows:
    “On my bike, the relationship between my tiny human self and the immense world around me is unmistakable. I dip down and across a gully and feel the air change from hot and dry toward cool and damp, and back again as I climb the other side. I watch storm clouds with particular attention and, in the process, notice subtle changes in the light as it is endlessly repainted by clouds and passing time. Road surfaces matter to me, oil patches, bits of loose gravel, potholes; so does traffic and other people’s road behavior. Biking is much more like the rest of my life than driving. In my life, with its loves and vulnerabilities and interruptions and occasionally well planned achievements, I get in trouble when I fantasize myself as a massive figure within a small frame of reference. I do better when I imagine myself as a durable real, attentive and supple traveler who needs the cooperation of the large universe of which I am a part. Biking, I suppose, especially because it is so fun, helps me to like being small in a large domain. It is one of my favorite ways to make myself present to God”.


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    See, if I could write I could have said something like that. It's all true!
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    Cool write up, seems to me The Roadster had the bigger Superglide gas tank That made riding it longer before gassing up
    I ride for therapy, My Dr says it is good for me, plus I do not own a cage
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    That dog you see with his head out the window knows why we ride:D

    Because we don't want the mundane in life to get to us, seeing the scenery close up it better, adventure...etc.