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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bobcat316, Oct 2, 2009.

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    I had ridden bikes through most of my youth and probably owned 10 throughout my life but never a Harley. A friend let us borrow his ultra for a weekend and I decided that I might buy a bike sometime in the future.

    Last spring I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had surgery in late spring. At 50 and after recovery I decided “what am I waiting for again?”, and started looking for a bike.

    Tried the Heritage because I though they were great looking bikes (and they are). But after driving 2 or 3 I realized the Heritage was just not the bike for me. I am 6,2 at about 230lbs and the Heritage seat was uncomfortable for the wife. I realized that what I really want is the Ultra Classic.

    Last Sunday I found a 07 on Craig’s List in San Antonio from a guy that lost his job and needed to bail. Picked the bike up with 985 miles for $16000. The bike still has tire nubs.

    Brought it home last night after the 200 mile run to SA. Very little rain there or back as I brought the UC home on a trailer. Rode from the edge of town to the house. Got 3 miles from the house and along came a downpour. The last time I rode my new UC was in the tourential rainstorm.

    Thats alright. Clear with a high of 80 today.
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    Welcome to the Darkside, we have cookies. Enjoy your new bike. :)
  3. Bobcat316

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    All my old running buddies have been on me about a bike for years. Nice to have a big bike that the wife likes.

    When we borrowed that UC, I told my buddy that I will know within 50 miles if I will ever own another bike, because I figered in 50 mile the ole lady would start crabbin. We rode for 300 miles that weekend and she enjoyed every mile of it.

    Now our bike is sitting in the garage.
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    Hey Bob,

    I hope all is well with your recovery. Congrats on the new bike and new lease on life. For me Riding is a passion, a freedom from my "other life" I can ride with 5 buddies or all by myself and have a great time both ways. As soon as I hit that starter button, I know it's the beginning of another adventure, no matter how long or short the ride.

    I hope you have many new adventures on your new scoot! Ride Safe Tom
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    Congrats on the bike Bob. I hope you have many years of riding enjoyment. I'm glad to hear about your recovery. We'll pray you stay cancer free.
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    Cogratulations, Bob!!!! You've got a great bike there!!!!
  7. HD4ME!

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    Welcome, you will love it!
  8. Scrappy

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    best of luck with everything Bob, good choice...enjoy
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    Bob.......I'm glad your finally did what you have wanted, unfortunatly, there's a bunch of us around who waited like you did and then found out that life is too short and ya need to go for it now, before it's too late. I didn't have a medical condition but I went through a very nasty breakup and divorce. Like you, I had owned several bikes in the past, a couple of Harleys in the mix, but quit riding cuz of the kids,the wife and the job. After a couple of years I went down and bought a Road Bike, not a Harley, and rode the wheels off it. I got my first post break Harley in 02 and found out what my Biker buddies where talking about, I hope you will know soon.
    At any rate..........enjoy your Harley and enjoy life, it ain't for the timid, it ain't for everyone but if you Love Harleys and gettn down the Road, like most of these guys do, It'll satisfy that itch you've been feeling and didn't know how to scratch and ya won't feel like something's missing or you missed something.
    Get out on that Chrome Horse and see some of this Great Country of ours, don't hold nothing back.......it'll make you a Free'er man!
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Amazing how many of us finally have the "what am I waiting for" moment before getting a motorcycle. In my case, I was lucky enough to have a wife that said it to me!

    Hope your cancer recovery is going well!