Why an Ultra?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by larryjmiller, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. larryjmiller

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    Just curious. I'm sure this has been covered before.

    Why would you buy an Ultra if you seldom (if ever) ride 2-up? I like the idea of the extra storage of the tour pak especially a place to lock up an expensive coconut saver, your jacket, gloves, etc.

    Is there a lot of ride difference between an ultra with the tour pak on versus say a RK, RG, or SG?

    Does the docking unit make it easy to remove the tour pak, rear seat and speakers?

    Seems like a lot of guys ride an Ultra and never have a passenger. What's the draw?
  2. jaceddie

    jaceddie Junior Member

    For me, it's the whole package. The fairing, lower fairings etc. I use the back seat to hold my luggage and still have all the storage in the saddlebags and tour pak.
  3. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    Jaceddie is right, it is the whole package. Now a better package is the Ultra Limited. My bike was a standard E/G but a friend of mine gave me a radio and spreakers and fairing lowers.When I bought the bike it had the tour pak and quick detach docking so I basically have a Classic package.
  4. glimmerman

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    i have an rk w/ tour pak and lowers. just bought an ultra. built the rk up from a stripped down single police to 2 up w/ goodies. so now i have 2. why? ride a new ultra then an older rk. both excellent rides but completely different. will i dump the rk? no. plus i get the radio, cb, weather. if i want i can stick my ipod in the windshield pouch and use it through the radio. b4 it was ipod and earphones. not a good combo if the lady wanted to talk.
  5. Drumrguy

    Drumrguy Account Removed

    I mainly ride solo on mine, I wanted a bigger bike, I like the UC and its features, like lower fairings, I also wanted the rear speakers, and personally I just like the looks of it.
  6. alto

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    I remember being about 10 years old. My father's friend had a 'full dresser'. It' the motorcycle I wanted since then. It only took me 48 years to get one. At 5'7, I didn't think I could handle the bike. Somewhere, in the early 80's, I came within moments of saying 'write it up' at a dealer. Even with my riding boots on ( I went prepared), I could only tip-toe. I passed..resigned to the 'fact' that I was too short. Then , two years ago, I stopped at a Harley dealer and threw my short legs over a used 01 Ultra..I could Flat-Foot'. Not a wide stance but, I could flat-foot. Within a week, I owned an Ultra. It took me the rest of that season to 'unlearn' some things that I did with all other bikes I've ever owned. By last season, the big 'full-dresser' became 'my bike'. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a kid again. A lot of it is due to this great bike.
  7. sharpscuba

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    Everytime I see this bike Rich I get jealous. Its like ok now that I see how it looks I want it on mine.
  8. bikemikewcr

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    In the past I did alot of solo riding. I would fly to Vegas and meet up with a friend and I would usually rent a full dresser for the storage space. My buddy had a deuce so the extra storage space on the dresser was a plus. I became used to the size of the bike and creature comforts. My current UC has the 103 kit so it has the extra grunt I was looking for and now my wife likes to join me on the rides. I would like to pick up a V Rod, deuce or knight train for solo shorter trips and use the UC for the longer rides.
  9. robdv

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    It was easy for me. My wife picked it out so we can escape the kids and grand kids that moved back home.
  10. Animal

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    For years it was all about the speed and power, now it's about the tunes and comfort. You get older your priorities change.