Why Adjustable Push Rods?

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    Unlike my old scooter, you do not have to remove the heads to access the rocker assys. Hence, non-adjustable push rods can be removed without cutting them out, or removing heads. Why are most people cutting their push rods out and replacing with adjustables when doing cam, tensioner, lifter, or inner cam bearing work? Is their some additional benefit to adjustable push rods, other than easy removal? I have heard of complications like cracked adjusting nuts, and such coming loose, etc.

    Just traveling about, with my lamp, seeking knowledge...

    Rich P
  2. Bodeen

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    Saves time on install and adjustments.
  3. Breeze3at

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    My reason for using adjustables used to be the concern that the cam lobes were ground on different "centers" from one mfg. to the next. Meaning the heel (lowest point) of one mfg. was different than the heel of another mfg. If the heel is ground closer to the shaft of the cam, it makes bottom dead center farther away from the pushrod. This does not seem to be a problem or concern in the last decade or so. Also, my adj. pushrods are not the "time saver" type. I still have to remove rocker boxes and loosen the rocker shafts to get them in, as they only have a short amount of adjustment (and less likely to flex IMO).
    I hope I made some sense of explaining my reason.
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    More finite valve adjustment= less valve train noise, and future cam changes will all be adjustable, just my 2 cents
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    I like them because I do not want to disturb anything I do not need to that is not leaking oil. So not having to pull the valve covers and remove the rockers is preferable to saving the pushrods. For $100-170 it is not worth the aggrevation to me to have to fiddle with that upper top end if not necessary.


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    Agreeing with reasons from TQ1. and other posters here.

    MHO added:

    I also like the idea of the Fine tunning of the lifters to the valves...
    On my se 255's, I Cut-out the old and put in the new...

    Adjusting the Pre-Load on my lifters Does make a big difference on my 09 FLHR bike with these se255's.
    Cutting down the Tapping noise as I have tried many settings and Manfactures suggested setting @ 2.5 T (to match HD's stock setting with rigid PRods) I found using 3T plus 1or2 flats Quiets them. a lot.

    The broken nut is like the same problem some have when Over tighting a nut or bolt.. KNOWing by "Feel" on tightening My adj-PRods lock nuts down,,, I have Never had the "IT's a Bad Nut" slogan happen to me.:newsmile100:

    Might have been a problem with some nuts cracking but I believe it is/was caused by the Nut on the end of the wrench...:D