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  1. ShagNasty

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    Who has two bikes?..not really.. Trying to make a decision here. Having strong urges for an Ultra Classic. I have a 2006 Heritage Classic that I have strong emotional ties too. Bought her brand new. Love the bike and very happy with it. The bike will be paid for this summer. I won’t an Ultra because I feel the wife would be much more comfortable on rides. I have the go light for another bike but trying to justify having both. I feel if I trade or sell the Heritage I will regret it later. The wife asks why I need two bikes. She would rather be a passenger than ride solo. I take long trips for a week to 10 days twice a year. She does not go but feel she would if she were more comfortable. Anybody have any regrets for upgrading? :eam....Serious Guys....this is troubling me...
  2. Bud White

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    I do and want a 3rd..lol

    i have a fatboy and a bagger like smitty and if only one a bagger ... but the fb tours pretty good to .. they both have different riding styles .. im trying to use the fatboy more to say the touring bike miles.. and use it for the big trips ..
  3. ShagNasty

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    Thanks Smitty
    Just hate to part with her (bike). and I have thought about all you said. My problem is I always justify things....again, just hate to part with it but would really enjoy the Ultra also.....why do you have to bikes...you never said
  4. geezer

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    If money isn't the only concern, I would keep the Heritage if I was you. You already think you would regret parting with it and you still own it. If it's sitting there your wife might decide to drive it down the road. A Heritage would be a good starter bike.
  5. Locke

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    There is alot to consider, cost and upkeep being a big one.
    A guy I work with had a heritage for many years and loved it. His wife rode with him 85% of the time. This past year he bought an ultra and they love it.

    He kept both bikes. He says the heritage is like his hot rod, and the ultra is his cadillac.

    If you could swing it, keep both and make up your mind later. You should get more money selling the heritage yourself if you decide to, and you would get the benefit of having it around to ride until someone showed up with the cash! JMO, man what a wonderful delima to have. Good luck!
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    I have 3, but only ride two regular. Like Smitty said, the bagger would win hands down if I could only have 1.
    Like you and your Heritage, I have a strong bond with my Dyna. I still really like riding it. Even with the sissy bar, my wife never really liked the back of the Dyna. She loves the bagger back seat.
    The reason I still have the Dyna, is it's worth more to me sentimentally than I could sell it for.
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  7. ShagNasty

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    LOCKE & BREEZE we are on the same channel.....I could always decide later. I will continue to toss this around and maybe make a move on it sometime this summer,,,,see how I feel then. Like Breeze said it's worth more to me sentimentally than I could sell it for.
  8. 01dynaglide

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    I think if you get rid of her you will always kick yourself for it. Hints the reason i have to wait a little longer before I get my second bike. I can't get rid of my dyna. Good luck on your decision bud.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    If it makes you happy why not, I have always struggled with getting rid of my bikes, at one time I had 3, down to one now sure do miss my Bagger
  10. johnkarlfl

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    I have two. Told the wife I would sell the older one after a year. Still tring to decide. I ride them both.