Which one is best?

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  1. ladyrider1977

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    I am fairly new to this forum. However, I must ask others out there.

    What type of Harley is best for long road trips yet handles well and is not a pain to get out for local trips? I am 5' 5 and a female, so please enlighten me. I am hoping to be able to ride from Texas to Sturgis, but I am not sure my Sporty will carry me that far. :)
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    You have opened a debate here,everyone is going to have a different opinion,for me its my Electra Glide Classic,I can tour for hours on end and not be cramped or tired when I get off. But go to a dealer ride day and ride different models to see what fits you the best. I know a couple of 5'-3'' women who ride Ultras and say they would never have anything else:D
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Your Sporty will get you anywhere you want to go, it's just a matter of what kind of shape you'll be in when you get there.

    The touring family is designed from the ground up for the type of trip you're talking about. With practice and experience they can also be a joy to ride on shorter trips or as an everyday workhorse. Seat, shock, and handlebar changes can accomodate any height person but at a price.

    Overall, Softails seem better suited to vertically challenged folks and can easily be set up for longer trips.

    The hardest part of owning a Harley is deciding which one. After that, it's a piece of cake as long as you have a checkbook and/or some credit cards!
  4. Irish Hog

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    This is something you will most likely have to find on your own. You will have to do some test rides and see what feels good to you. Everyone has a different feel on a bike. I know my Wide Glide is a bit uncomfortable for me on longer trips anymore. I am starting to look into a touring model. I myself like the Road King and I also like the Heritage and I would appreciate floorboards. I would also like to ride a Road Glide and see how that feels.

    A good bike for you too maybe look at is a Deluxe, I know around here there a few female riders and they tend to ride the Deluxe. But again, you will have to ride a few and feel whats right. I like the look of the Dexluxe, I have always thought it was a beauty.

  5. ladyrider1977

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    Hobbit: How did the Sportsters handle?
  6. STEVE07

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    It's funnyLew,not that many years ago I laughed at the guys with their big fairings and windshields and stereos and yes cruise control.I used to say they may as well drive a car because those weren't real bikes. Now I can't imagine riding without it! I think I'm getting soft:D
  7. sharpscuba

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    Like you Steve I thought the same..but now I have to say that I would not do without. Yes call it the old geeser club but I ride in comfort well....will again soon if this snow ever goes away. Another 8 inches today.
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    hi ive been round a bit of europe on my sporty 93 with all the vibes
    im in the north of scotland and its 350 miles to the ferry in newcastle i class that as a day trip with an early start got to be at ferry late aftenoon
    having done the same trip on the sporty and the softail 92 fxstc dont feel much difference both give a sore beam end and a good nights sleep after a couple of bottles of pain killer/relaxant
    i try as much as possible to stay on a roads rather than duals or motorways
    (freeways) as you need to move more on the bike and so ease the soreness
    plan your journey with plenty of stops to get off and stretch/smoke etc
    when younger was happy to do 600 miles in a day but that was along time ago 350 is enough for this old man
    but any harley engine is so under stressed itll do the mileage without worry

  9. whatyardwork

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    The wifes 5 7" and she sits tipp toed on my Streetglide.Weve been looking for a bike for her a while now.She realy wants a Roadking but after sitting on many models the Deluxe or Heritage seem to be perfect for shorter riders wanting to do long distance.As said before, you gotta ride them to see what you realy like.
  10. nolafishr

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    I Ride a 09 Road Glide and I will tell you that this Bike is Awesome, Easy to Handle around Town as well as on the Highway, The Cruise, ABS Brakes and Security are a Plus, I would Demo/Test Ride one and see how it fits you as all Bikes are different, the decision is Yours but I Love Mine. I also have a 99 Dyna Lowrider for around town when I want something lighter to Ride at times.