Which is the best EFI Tuner?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flh canuck, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. flh canuck

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    I know this subject has been thrashed to death many times but the technology out there is changing and improving continually...

    I am considering installation of a tuner on my 08 Electraglide which is bone stock except for Stage 1 and Fatshotz pipes.

    Eventually I would like to change the cams and am also thinking about more cubic inches down the road. It only has 33,000 kms on the clock so it is only just broken in... :D

    Which tuner gives you the best bang for the buck in terms of reliability and tune-ability.

    I have heard good things about many of them however I also want one that will be able to accomodate any engine mods that I make down the road.

    Cost isn't a huge concern although I don't want to throw money away either.

    Based on your experiences, what is the best all round tuner on the market these days?
  2. Hoople

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    Exactly what Smitty says.
  3. Chopper

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    My humble :) opinion is the S/E Super Tuner. Why? What can be better then a stock Harley ECM that's 100% programable. There's nothing piggy backed on your system to go south down the road. It's sold by Harley for Harleys, comes with some great can maps and almost any dealer or tuning center has techs that understand and know how to use it. It also makes a great diagnostic tool that can save you money when you figure what a dealer charges you to just plug your bike into their computer. There's a lot of great tuners out there now, but if I had to pick one, it would be the one sold by the same people that made my bike.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    And thats why we value your humble opinion, HUMBLE, LOL :D
  5. sprinklerfitter669

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    Wow you made me think twice, although anything can go wrong down the road, even a overpriced tuner from HD
    Thats the only thing that turned me off :s
  6. Chopper

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    In the years past working for the Stealership I have never had a race tuner or super tuner go bad, I have sent a lot of power commanders back to be warrantied, so many I can't remember how many, although I loved power cammanders untill Harley came out with the race tuner. Only way you can loose your investment is if a fat girl sits on it or you hide it in your house and can't find it. Has anyone on the forum ever had a super tuner go bad??? And as far as over priced goes, how can you put a price tag on a happy engine :)
  7. Bait

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    I am on my 4th bike with a HD SE Tuner; not a bit of trouble with any of them.

  8. artfuentes

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    I have a 2010 Ultra Limited. Just put on a PC-V. I bought the unit from Fuel Moto and it came pre-programed to my particular set up. The install was simple, and the fine tuning was done in minutes via a lap top. So far I am very pleased with the performance and Fuel Moto assist.

    This is my first tuner so my experience is limited, but so far I am very happy....
  9. Iceman24

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    Extremely pleased w/my Dobeck TFI...easy to install, breeze to tune & no problems a/o yet. Also, price couldn't be beat - got the military discount ($150 + shipping). For me, it was a win..win.
  10. Gator454

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    Hey Chopper,

    Thanks for the input, good advice is always appreciated.