When was the 1" axle introduced?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by karlsbike, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. karlsbike

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    Hi all
    The tourers got the 1" rear axle for the '02 models.
    Does anyone know when it was introduced on other models?

    I am looking for a new 1" axle 16 x 3 rear cast wheel, and need to know what years to look for...
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    Karl; This does not seem as easy as I thought. I just looked online at J&P cycles catalog. It lists 1" for some 2006 and some 2007 Dyna series. A different 1" is listed for some 2008-2009 Softails, and some 2010-2011 Softails. Try looking at some online parts suppliers to figure out what will work for you.
    I have an appointment right now, so I can't look more. Good luck
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    Did a search for the 1" axle installation kits. Here is the info:

    1" axle kits:


    Fits '02-'07 VRSC™ models, '04-'07 Dyna® models (except '04-'05 FXDWG) and '00-'07 Touring models.


    Fits '02-'07 VRSC™ models, '05-'07 XL models, '06-'07 Dyna® models, and '02-'07 Touring models.

    Watch out though

    25mm axle kits:

    25mm Axle - Rear

    Fits '08-later Dyna® models.

    25mm Axle - Rear

    Fits '08-later Dyna® models.

    Check out more here (from pg 771 on):

    Harley Davidson Parts - Harley Motorcycle Parts - Page No 770

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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah, I got confused after a couple of searches. I thought there might be some 'ultimate list' but your answers makes me understand that it is not that simple.
    Btw, it's crazy that harley went 'Euro' on a size so close to 1" (1" equals 25.4mm!)
    Adding complication further as some of the later models got wider rims/tyres as well...
    I'll use your listings and search a bit to make a list - or I'll just give up and find myelf a '02-'07 touring wheel that I know fits for me.