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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by dunhill225, Dec 14, 2013.

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    Does anyone know of a list of axle sizes used on diff models in diff years? I'm trying to get my girl some new shoes but I ain't paying 2 K to do it....so I'm scouring craigslist and eBay for used rims/wheels but I don't know the bearing sizes on different models. I want to go 16 front and back and really like the solid look of fatboy wheels (powder coated black) but I know some years the axle won't work.... next question if anyone can answer is - do they make kits or is it a big job to "make them fit"? Not the newer wide rear tire ones cause I know I can only go to a 140 or so with no issues. Thanks for any help guys (and gals).
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    I would think that the wheels of any evo engine fatboy should be the best wheels to go for however I do not know the full spec of your model the 16" front wheel needs a wide front end
    If your bike does not have a wide front end then the whole front end needs replaced

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    That's one planned changes. I'm debating the whole front end or just new trees. My understanding is wide glide trees for the 39 mm forks kit would work fine... or I may just scour ebay and Craigs for a wide glide front end... trying to learn as I go here guys so please be patient.
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    You are correct, the wide glide 39 mm trees will work with your legs. You would have to re-space the wheel though.
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    Axles that vintage 3/4 inch around 2001 or something they went to 1 inch my 1999 is 3/4

    I just bought NOS rear for my FXDWG cast which was for an FXD bolted with all original hardware get an original Harley parts book start from there that's how found mine.

    Harley uses same parts on various bikes of different models a little research find parts from different models. Don't count dealers they don't think past what the manuals tell them