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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by mc2, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. mc2

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    The last stock pulley I bought from HD had chrome teeth, this new one is cast stainless steel. Dull appearance and a little coarse on the peak of the teeth, but the "young" parts guys says that's the way they are.

    The book's instructions for checking the wear on a pulley is to drag a scribe across the chrome to check for wear.

    If it's solid stainless steel, that eliminates the layer of chrome that wears or chips away, consequently, reducing belt wear.

    But, its contrary to the inspection instructions.

    Is this legit?

  2. Jack Klarich

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    My guess would be the chrome is plated over the pulley, this is a harder surface and will given time wear down and chip off, the scribe would bear this out compared to just scratching the new non chrome pulley JMO
  3. mc2

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    Yeah, the chrome is - was - plated over the other pulleys. But was it plated over a stainless steel teeth, or what did them make the pulley teeth from that they plated?

    I like the concept of something that will not chip, providing what I have, has strength.

    Also, my considerations and reflections come from my experience of riding the trails of Vietnam. After 20,000 miles half the chrome was chipped off the teeth. The second pulley has 30,000 miles, with less chrome, and finally the belt showed wear. As long as I had a new belt in inventory, and the bike was tore down to the tranny shaft, I changed it all out.

    I've seen a couple pulleys and belts displayed in U.S. shops. Over 100 k miles on them, and my first two looked almost as good as those. LOL
  4. HDDon

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    I have a question since I've never seen a cast stainless steel pulley. All sorts of things pop up like reciprocating mass, braking inertia, unsprung weight to name a few. Not to mention fabrication cost. All pulleys that I have seen have been cast aluminum with the exception of the billit aluminum aftermarket items. Is Harley really making a cast SS pulley?
  5. mc2

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    That's what I would like to know also.
    From my experience in this particular HD store, I have reason to question this matter. Just wanted to throw the issue in here for comment.
    They may have sent me a pulley they forgot to chrome.

    I was wise to make my springtime preparations now. This pulley matter has dragged on for a month. 1st with a chopper shop that lead me on, and on, for a stock pulley, then produced a chrome billeted pulley for $290, that was the wrong one.
    Now, maybe I got a good one, maybe not. There's a couple issues that just don't jibe.

    I'll see any more response tomorrow, Thursday, and perhaps call another HD store to question the matter.
  6. mc2

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    I talked to customer service in Milwaukee. Their reply via e-mail is that the pulleys are aluminum, painted silver.
    No explanation why they changed from chrome teeth.

    It's mounted and I look forward to the miles for further evaluation!
  7. doctor727

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    Glad to hear the MOCO responded. All the ones that I have and have seen are Aluminum. With this info in hand, ride safe and above all enjoy .