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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Katie_Mutt, May 7, 2014.

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    Hi there,
    I have a 1996 883 hugger (Frankenstein) is there an easy way to tell what year the rims are? they are the 13 spoke mag wheels and I'm looking to replace them as they are hammered. Will wheels from a 2000 sporty fit? if not what would I have to do to make them work?
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    I believe your axle diameter is smaller then the 2000 axle. So the wheel bearings are different.'96 were tapered bearings and 2000 were sealed bearings,different P/N's.
    Now there may be a conversion from new to old , I just don't know. Big Twins you can so I assume XL's also. Your wheel spacing may change also.